Daffodil Hill – Litchfield, Connecticut

This entry actually has its origins in a comment to an earlier post left by my friend (and friendly competitor) Bob.


Have you ever been to “Daffodil Hill” in Litchfield County? With your love of photography, and a rag top, you should venture up there next weekend, as its still little early for the hills to be blooming. It is a breathtaking spot…if you want directions, drop me a line.


That’s quite a sales pitch. This afternoon, with the skies partly cloudy and temperatures mild, I hopped in the car&#185 and headed northwest.

Daffodil Hill is hidden between Thomaston and Litchfield in the countryside of Litchfield County. Planted nearly 70 years ago by Virginia and Rémy Morosani, the flowers attract hundreds during their short season.

The beauty of this place is, the daffodils are naturally cultivated. There are open spots and clusters. It looks like it evolved in an organic sort of way.

The daffodils are in the kind of idyllic spot that attracts big money New York City residents searching for a weekend place. Much of Litchfield has become a county of part time residents.

Today, there was no shortage of people with cameras… especially DSLRs, like “Clicky.” It’s a can’t miss photo op, I hope.

&#185 – No ragtop for me. My car is actually a hardtop convertible. The motor driven top folds itself into the trunk!

2 Responses to “Daffodil Hill – Litchfield, Connecticut”

  1. Lisa Cuchara says:

    Hi Geoff,

    It was a pleasure meeting you today at Laurel Ridge. So easy to talk with and down to earth, What an absolutely beautiful day at a wonderful place.

    Your daffodils photos are quite good!

    and I am impressed that they ended up on your website so quickly.


    P.S. Thanks for holding my reflector

  2. Evi says:

    Just magnificent, Geoff…That single white daffodil is really neat as are the landscape shots… Loved the views by the water…It amazes me how many soul-nurturing spots there truly are in Connecticut! Thanks as usual, for sharing!!

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