Gustav Now On My Radar

Three years ago today I was on the phone with Farrell’s mom Ruth, try to get her out of New Orleans. Here’s what I wrote that day. Now I’m worried about New Orleans again.

Gustav is south of Cuba, heading toward Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. The route is totally different from Katrina’s, but the projected destination is eerily similar.

Much of the controlling mechanism behind hurricanes is seasonably predictable. At different times in the hurricane season different areas are favored for development and track. It’s not a big surprise a potential hurricane is aiming at the mid-Gulf Coast on Katrina’s anniversary week.

Gustav will gain strength. It’s tough to think it will go anywhere but the Gulf. I’m scared it will plow into the Gulf Coast states. I hope I’m wrong. It’s a hope I have too often during the hurricane season.

2 Responses to “Gustav Now On My Radar”

  1. Cousin Michael says:

    How about some cool hurricane tracking links?

  2. Geoff Fox says:

    Try this. It puts Gustav right on the Mississippi River Delta at midnight Sunday night/Monday morning CDT. Winds would be Category 3, based on this run.

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