The Mountain Shows The First Sign Of Winter

37&#176 was the reading on the carmometer as we drove to Sleeping Giant just after noon. The jury is still out on how much longer we’ll be able to walk the trail before winter wins.

As predicted by Helaine and poo-pooed by me, there was ice under some of the dead leaves. It was a tiny fraction of the trip but a slippery harbinger of why this can’t be a year round activity. A few vertical rock faces even had small dripping icicles.

Fingerless gloves, earmuffs and shorts. Yeah–37&#176 and I’m still dressing like the UPS man. I am a sight.

(this entry corrected for earlier typos)

3 Responses to “The Mountain Shows The First Sign Of Winter”

  1. pat says:

    We saw you on tonight at Lighthouse wearing the fingerless gloves. Were you lifting weights during the commmercial breaks?

  2. Geoff Fox says:

    My photo gloves.

  3. Susan J. Guerrera says:


    What’s the weather going to be like at 10AM tomorrow morning in Cheshire? It is the annual Cheshire Canal 5K Canter, which runs partly on Route 42 and partly on the Cheshire/Hamden linear trail. Always a popular race!

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