Photos Of The Folks I Work With

I brought “Clicky” to work today. For a variety of reasons it was a good day to bring a camera.

First, the ‘floor people’ were ripping out a few old walls. These were put in when we used to produce the Sally Jessy Raphael Show!

Behind the remnants of that set is a cinder block wall which was painted in a farm/computer/flag motif one summer around 20 years ago. Our general manager at the time made a deal with ABC to produce a handful of pilots for post-Nightline programming. None made it, but Joy Behar, Richard Belzer, Curtis Sliwa, Bobby Rivers and a host of others took turns trying something new in New Haven. That was a very cool summer.

Some of the people that briefly passed through that summer are surely ‘names’ now. I wish I knew which ones.

My co-workers were mostly in good spirits tonight. Few didn’t want their pictures taken. Many of those who did mugged as if they’d never seen a camera.

It was all very unusual for me since I seldom shoot people! I even used my Speedlight, mounted on top of the camera with an old alcohol bottle over it to provide some diffusion.

What’s posted is a representative sample. I took a lot of pictures. I love digital photography.

6 Responses to “Photos Of The Folks I Work With”

  1. Mr Kabin says:

    Fantastic photos Geoff. Nice to see more than what’s on the tube.

  2. Jim says:

    Two things I noticed in your pictures:

    1. Its amazing how polished and professional your set looks both on air and off air compared to other affiliates I’ve seen in my travels.

    2. Ann Nyberg is still rockin!!

  3. Nick says:

    Hey Geoff,

    How do you know what you a looking at on the “green screen”?

  4. Geoff Fox says:

    Nick – There are monitors on either side of the screen and the TelePrompter becomes a straight video monitor allowing me to see what’s going on by looking straight ahead.

    It’s not that difficult… after 25 years.

  5. pbailey1 says:

    Nice job on the portraits – you work with some very photogenic people :-)

  6. Evi says:

    Geoff, these are great photos!! Looks like a great group to work with…and I am totally intrigued with your green wall…I think that would be the hardest thing in the world to get used to…

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