Google Voice And Me

I have had a Grand Central account since they became available. I hardly used it, but didn’t want to miss out. I’m part of the reason Connecticut might soon need additional area codes since I received another phone number. Please don’t think of me when you have to ten digit dial.

Now Grand Central is Google Voice. It’s part of Google’s master plan to own everything informational. The plan is going well.

Google Voice has all sorts of cool features I’d like to take advantage. First though I’ve got to figure out how to use Google Voice for my at&t cell phone. Is it possible? I don’t know.

Do you?

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  1. Peter says:


    I did some research for you. You’re looking for “conditional call forwarding.” You might be able to set it up using your phone’s menu, or the answer might be here:

    In any instance, ATT does offer “conditional call forwarding,” so a call to customer service should get it going if the above doesn’t work.

    – Peter

  2. pat says:

    I think the Jack should be able to handle it. If not, get in touch with Rob. He can use a project.

  3. Geoff Fox says:

    I found it. It is a GSM function built into the phone, which contacts at&t and sets the parameters.

    Ta da.

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