A Bad Day

Here’s how you know you’re having a bad day. From the NY Times:

“A picture caption on Thursday with an article about an agreement between The New York Times Company and workers at The Boston Globe misstated the gender of Cyn Goodenough, shown reading the Boston newspaper. She is a woman.”

Corrections in today’s Times takes fully one-quarter of page A2. Yeah, that seems like a lot. Most news operations don’t acknowledge mistakes at all.

2 Responses to “A Bad Day”

  1. GaryC says:


    Although- that post reminds me of when I was a rebellious teenage boy and my parents kept hounding me to get my shoulder-length hair cut, which I steadfastly refused to do


    one day while I was working at my part-time job in a grocery store, and a customer came up behind me and said “Miss? Excuse me, miss?”

    That was the day I started wearing my hair just slightly longer than the average military private.

  2. DAF says:

    Wonder if it was “Misstated” or “Mistook.” The latter would be worse, but unkind to disclose.

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