Microsoft’s Greatest Gift


Microsoft has this really great idea which most computer users don’t know about–System Restore.

Basically with System Restore you reset you computer so it’s just as it was on an earlier date and time. It’s especially useful when you’ve installed something and there’s a problem or you’ve installed something you really don’t want to use.

We need this in real life!

There are so many times I’d just want another shot at saying the right thing with perfect timing or preventing myself from being a dork. I’d like the entire month of June 1972 as a do over. Whatever the reason they stopped calling me at GMA–I’d fix that too.

I we could do a System Restore on life we could undo email&#185. Message Unsent! Wouldn’t that come in handy?

When I was a kid I really thought this kind of stuff should bepossible. Of course I also thought you could close your eyes briefly and instantly experience a God-driven dissolve. Poof, you’d be in the future. A fast forward button for life&#178.

Adapting System Restore for humans might be Microsoft’s greatest gift ever. If it were open source it would be ported to reality already.

&#185 – I write angry, pissy emails all the time. When finished I go back and edit, tightening things up to make my prose more powerful. Then I delete it.

You get 90% of the pleasure without any of the morning after guilt.

&#178 – More desirable at 9 than 59.

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