Ballot Follow-Up

I spoke to a few people after yesterday’s posting about my town’s ballot. Some people saw my point–not everyone. No one felt it was as serious a problem as I did.

Still it’s eating at me. I sent a note to Connecticut’s Secretary of State, who I do not know personally.

Dear Secretary Bysiewicz,

I am writing to ask about yesterday’s ballot. I live in Hamden, but I suspect my concern is statewide.

In our vote for council-at-large and school board there were eight candidates for four positions. The demarcation of individual columns and numbering (9a, 9b, 10a, 10b not 9,10,11,12) imply you may not vote for a candidate directly above or below another candidate you’ve already voted for. Even though the ballot said “Vote for any four” the implication is otherwise and I suspect many people were confused as I originally was.

A simple statistical analysis of the ballots will show if I am correct. On ballots with split ticket voting in multiple candidate offices did the candidate above or below a candidate who received a vote get a statistically equal proportion of the vote? I suspect they did not. I’d be willing to bet they did not.

This is a non-partisan issue. I don’t believe either party benefited. However, a candidate running directly above or below someone with strong name recognition would be unfairly penalized. That would be wrong.

Thank you for your time in considering this. I hope to hear your thoughts.


Geoff Fox

I guessed at her email address. It hasn’t come bouncing back to me so I’ll hope it was received.

I’ll update as/if necessary.

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