Is This Really What America’s Clamoring For?

grilled cheese to go.jpgI went to the mall with Helaine and Stef on a shopping expedition. I wish it wasn’t, but clothes buying is always a painful experience for me. I don’t know why? Stef and Helaine try their best to make me presentable. I grateful for that even if it isn’t obvious in real time.

While in the mall I spied this sign for a new store on its way to fill empty stomachs everywhere–Grilled Cheese To Go! I am not making this up.

Seriously, did someone do research and find grilled cheese sandwiches were a little too difficult for 21st Century Americans to make on their own?

I will be curious to see how this fares. Undoubtedly I’ll be wrong and it will be an immense hit.

5 Responses to “Is This Really What America’s Clamoring For?”

  1. Lou says:

    Now I have seen everything…LOL

  2. Khrystyne says:

    There used to be a restaurant (and I use that term *very* loosely) at the Buckland Hills Mall called J.B. Mack – Macaroni and Cheese Kitchen. According to their Web site, it’s now closed, but they are moving somewhere else in Manchester.

    I think your Grilled Cheese To Go is J.B. Mack’s Cousin Skippy.

  3. meredith says:

    In Terminal A of the Detroit airport there is a place that only does peanut butter sandwiches. They make their own peanut/cashew butter and serve it with a variety of jams, fruits or marshmallows on amazing homemade bread. And they put it all in a brown paper bag to take away. :) Best. Airport. Food. EVAR.

  4. Bunkobeth says:

    Just come to Southeastern Connecticut. We already a similar place. Bleu Squid in the Old Mystick Village is a grilled cheese cafe. Awesome combinations, some intriguing ones too!

  5. Geoff Fox says:

    Right you are Beth–but I suspect the Bleu Squid is a little more eclectic and one-of-a-kind. That being said, here’s their menu:

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