Fairytale Brownies Lives Up To Its Name. Dream Comes True!

fairytale_brownies.gif.pngThis blog is often the best place to give a kiss on the cheek to a business which has gone above and beyond the call. That’s especially true of David Kravetz at Fairytale Brownies who came through and saved the day in the midst of their/our Christmas rush.

Founded in 1992, Fairytale Brownies began in a friend’s catering kitchen using David’s Mom’s 50-year-old secret family brownie recipe. Those days are gone as the duo now oversees their direct-mail gourmet brownie business in a facility where they bake over 2.5 million brownies annually.

Fairytale is a Phoenix based business. This is not a case of someone being nice because they’ve watched me on TV for the last 25 years (not that I don’t appreciate that–I do a lot).

Helaine sent a gift to a friend. The package tracking info said it would be there on the 21st. When Helaine hadn’t heard from the friend by the 23rd she called.

No delivery!

Except that’s not what the tracking data said. UPS said the package had been delivered to her apartment building.

Helaine called Fairytale and spoke to David. Whether he always answers the phones or was drawn in for Christmas isn’t clear.

He saw we’d been good customers over time. He didn’t need to see any more.

David said he’d make it right even even though Fairytale could have defensibly claimed it was a UPS problem. As someone with a stake in the business he knew this was where long term relationships are made and lost. If Helaine would provide a daytime address he’d send it overnight at his expense.

This is a Christmas story with a happy ending. The brownies arrived the next day.

Thanks David. I know you didn’t expect this story to go any farther than my wife. The Foxes of Connecticut really appreciate your kindness and wanted everyone to know.

Oh–and the brownies are really yummy!

5 Responses to “Fairytale Brownies Lives Up To Its Name. Dream Comes True!”

  1. Lou says:

    Kudos to Fairytale Browniwes! That is the way to keep a customer! By the way, what kind of brownies?

  2. Hilary Lee says:

    Thank you for sharing that great customer service story! We try very hard to create Raving Fans. Thanks again, and we hope your gift recipeint enjoyed their brownies :-))

  3. Cheryl Scaniffe says:

    Fairytale Brownies are the best! If you haven’t had them you don’t know what you are missing!

  4. John says:

    Since I was one of the lucky people to receive some of these great brownies, I can tell you they were “GREAT” (Notice I said Were!!)

    Big John

  5. Evi says:

    I’ve never heard of this company but it sounds great!! Thanks for the great shopping tip, Geoff!

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