Something You Only See Up North

wiper blades up.jpgI know this blog is read outside the Northeast and snow country. Some of you have probably never even experienced snow! Tonight I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Take a look at the car in the photo. We’ve got a parking lot full of them with their wiper blades up. They don’t show this kind of stuff on CNN, do they?

The problem tonight isn’t getting your blades snow covered. That is a pain, but it’s a minor pain. The problem happens when you park after riding in snow.

As you might imagine we use window defrosters here a lot. After parking and shutting down your car the snow that continues to fall on your windshield melts for a while. Once the defroster’s heat is gone the melted snow refreezes!

Instead of having your wipers covered in snow they’re now embedded in ice!

Romantic, isn’t it?

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  1. Lou says:

    But for me, it has been much easier to free them up when they are in the up position, Geoff. especially if you start the car up and let things warm a bit.

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