Why I Love My Wife

I got an instant message earlier this evening. It was Helaine. The message was just a link, nothing more. I clicked and saw:

3/3/2010 Baseball at Philadelphia Phillies 7:00 PM Listen

It was the Florida State Seminoles site. They played the Phils tonight. Helaine was looking to listen.
The isn’t preseason baseball. It’s pre-preseason baseball! No one’s playing with a jersey number lower than 85.

And you wonder why I love her so?

I used this as an excuse to buy the yearly Major League Baseball video package. We get it every year and it is well used!

major league baseball blackout map.jpgIt’s a great idea, but talk about a purchase limited by small print! If anyone’s game is nationally telecast the Phillies game is blacked out. If the Phils are playing in New York or Boston the game is blacked out (though we do get those games on cable).

There has been some kvetching recently from folks who are blacked out though they’re hundreds of miles from the nearest team and on-air or cable telecasts aren’t available. That’s just wrong.

I scrolled down the MLB.TV page looking for dirty tricks. Sure enough well below ‘the fold’ there was a pre-checked space expressing my desire to automatically renew next March 1. I unchecked it, as I had last year. Persistent bastards, aren’t they?

I love baseball. It means spring is right around the corner.

2 Responses to “Why I Love My Wife”

  1. Craig in Shelton says:

    Do you watch these games on the computer?
    If so, doesn’t seem like that would be too relaxing – at least not with my setup.

  2. Geoff Fox says:

    No video tonight or for most of the pre-season. Once the season starts the video is quite good and streams nicely on Helaine’s laptop. There are a bunch of features, most of which we never use.
    Buying the package for the Phillies gives us all teams video and audio coverage. Often, late at night, I’ll tune into the Dodgers just to hear Vin Scully wax poetic.

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