Is The Swine Flu Kosher?

Stef and Roxie came home last week to spend a few days with us. They were supposed to be on a plane this afternoon winging their way to SoCal.

“I canceled the reservation,” Helaine said when I sauntered out of bed this afternoon. “They’re rebooked for Wednesday.”

She then described why Stefanie wouldn’t be on an airplane today. Any list of symptoms that includes “her skin hurts” seems reasonably debilitating to me.

Stef parked it on the couch in the family room. She had already shifted into slo-mo mode.

Helaine called this evening while I was at work. Stef’s fever was just over 100&#176, but she was feeling worse than earlier and having some trouble breathing. By the time Helaine touched base with Dr. Steve the die was cast. He said she’d be better off at the 24-hour walk-in facility in Guilford than the hospital’s E.R.

It didn’t take long for Stef to be seen and a verdict rendered. Swine flu, aka: H1N1!

Actually, as I understand it, there’s no simple way to know for sure what she has. Anyway, by the time tests came back you’d already want to be treating it.

Wednesday’s flight is out. Another cancellation.

“Imagine if she would have gotten on that flight,” Helaine pondered. You don’t want to think about that.

On Facebook Stef was making the best of it:

Yup…I have the piggy flu. Teeny tiny piggies running around my tummy… You always knew I liked to be trendy.

Luckily she didn’t get on the plane and she’s in a place where pre-existing conditions don’t matter. No one takes better care of you than mom!

7 Responses to “Is The Swine Flu Kosher?”

  1. Lou Lange says:

    She is in the best place she could be right now. Hope she feels better soon!

  2. DorisC says:

    Being with Mom while you are sick is the best medicine. My little one (10) is home with a sinus/ear infection.
    Last year we neglected to get our flu shots and she got the reg flu. I felt SO bad!!
    This year we got both, but alas she found something else to get sick with!
    Hope Steph feel better soon.

  3. Tom says:

    Only other person I’ve ever heard of whos skin hurts when a fever hits.

    I can always tell if I’m running a fever because like Stef, my skin hurts. Is that common?

    Get well soon, Stef.


  4. Sorry to hear you have a sickie, but better for her to be ill under the watchful eyes of Mom and Dad, than back in CA. Hope she feels better soon.

  5. Wudz says:

    Get well soon, Stef.

  6. George says:

    Wow. Pretty much same thing wrong with me. I’m going on my second week. Started with fever and skin hurting even at slightest touch. Trouble breathing with horrible cough and soar throat came next. Finally starting to feel better. — I hope she feels better soon.

  7. Evi from Danbury says:

    So sorry to hear Stef is sick. H1N1 seems to hit the young adults hard. Glad she’s with her parents and sidekick, Roxie. She’ll be fine. (and of course, you’ll all get your flu shots next fall, right?)

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