Crazy Phone Tricks For Stef

Stef lives in Southern California, specifically the San Fernando Valley aka 818. Her 203 cellphone is still associated with life in Connecticut. It’s the number all her friends have.

She has a problem!

She doesn’t want to lose touch with her friends by changing the number. At the same time she wants people in California to know she lives there–especially potential employers.

There is a solution that’s free and (of course) it’s from Google!

She’ll be getting a Google Voice account. There are lots of ways to use it, but for Stef it will be a virtual phone number. Dial either her Connecticut or California numbers to ring her cell phone. Google Voice can be programmed to ring other phones too, but this is a start.

The number comes with free texting and nearly understandable written transcription of voicemails. Of all the things Google does transcribing voicemail is the thing it does worst!

As always I have no idea what the business model is or how Google plans on making money from this service. It’s just there.

All Stef has to do now is pick an area code (she can choose any in SoCal or nationwide) and select a number.

It seems too good to be true. It’s not.

3 Responses to “Crazy Phone Tricks For Stef”

  1. jim says:

    Love google voice. Until a recent update on android you could even add its internal access phone number to your ‘friends and family’ and not consume any minutes while using it. Newest version removes the ability to do this, no doubt under pressure from vzw..

  2. kchendricks says:

    It seems like a cool concept. And I can see how it would be a great thing for your daughter and her circumstance.
    I’m just not sure if there’s any benefit for someone like me. I have a home phone with AT&T U-verse. I can access my VMs online if I want with that. I also have an iPhone, and I like the VM feature on that. I don’t see an need to have both #’s tied together.
    Anyhoo, I bet in another 5 years, Google will have a direct connection to my brain, a la Johnny Mnenonic!

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