Weather Stuff I Look At Every Day

From time-to-time someone will walk up to me and tell me they’d like to be a meteorologist. If you’re younger, smarter and better looking than me while willing to work for less I’ll do my best to discourage you! Who needs the competition?

Lots of people are surprised there’s math involved. Yes there is! In the 21st Century spelling counts too.

I like the job a lot partially because I get to look at stuff like this every day. Here’s today’s BUFKIT output. Like Hebrew you read it from right-to-left.

3 Responses to “Weather Stuff I Look At Every Day”

  1. Mikey P says:

    The only thing I can tell from that screenshot is that you use Linux on at least one weather computer.

  2. K.C. Hendricks says:

    BUFKIT? Is that something you use to get washboard abs?

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