Hey California: Don’t Kvetch About The Weather, OK? (video)

The mercury hit 100 degrees in San Diego today! Los Angeles came in at 96 degrees. People in Southern California were kvetching about the heat!

I don’t want to hear it. Was that clear enough? I just don’t want to hear it was crowded at the pool or the sunshine was blinding. Stifle it.

Thursday in Connecticut was awful. Chilly. Rainy. Breezy. Ugh!

I left work in a hard drizzle (yes, you can have a hard drizzle) that penetrated the atmosphere so effectively umbrellas were no help!

This would probably be a good night to start drinking! I’m frosted at Mother Nature and totally envious of my daughter who’s living in the San Fernando Valley complaining about the heat.

Cut me a break!

To you Stefanie I dedicate this video.

4 Responses to “Hey California: Don’t Kvetch About The Weather, OK? (video)”

  1. KE4GNK says:

    Well, Geoff, we lower-left-coasters HAVE to complain about something–if only the lack of TOTAL climactic perfection.

    We had the rain, drizzle, grey skies, and stoopid, stoopid driving most of last week. Been there, done that–try Seattle if you really want wet weather. There, the generic postcard is a gray smudge on top fading gradually to white with the caption “winter, spring, summer, and fall” all the way around it.

    At least you get SOME sun…

  2. Terry says:

    Hi Geoff
    Going to be in the high 80’s during the day and 60’s at night!!!
    Beautiful finally here in the Phoenix area (sorry).

  3. Lou Lange says:

    let them kvetch, Geoff. at least we get 4 seasons here…

  4. KE4GNK says:

    Hey, we get four seasons here in SaCal too: Rainy, Mudslide, Earthquake, and Brush fire….

    Yeah, we get seasons most folks could do qute nicely without–at least we don’t get tornado season twice a year like Alabama does..(Been there, hid from that in the basement shelter area)

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