At Dinner: The Snow Dispute

Here’s a little taste of tonight’s dinner. Ann, Noah and I were sitting together at the Greek Olive. We were at a window booth looking out into the parking lot.

Noah: Oh my God, it’s snowing!
Geoff: That’s flurries Noah.
Noah: No, look it’s sticking. It’s on the cars. That’s snow.
Geoff: Flurries.
Noah: No, it’s really snowing.

This is what happens when you allow San Diegans (San Diegites?) to move east where there’s actual weather. They just can’t handle it.

Basically tonight is like early October in Buffalo. Live with it.

3 Responses to “At Dinner: The Snow Dispute”

  1. Amanda says:

    This just made me laugh out loud.

  2. mike sechrist says:

    I can sympathize with Noah. I came to Channel 8 in the summer of ’85 after spending most of my formative years growing up in the San Fernando Valley just outside of L.A..
    Late one afternoon in November I looked out the window and saw snow flakes the size of dinner plates falling from the sky. I immediately called everyone into the office and told them to lead all the newscasts with the blizzard that was visible just outside my window. As I was getting into the logistics of hotel rooms, and relief crews for what I was sure would be a two to three day story of the Great Blizzard of ’85 Al Terzi politely interrupted me and said, “Uh, Mike, in Connecticut we tend to get weather like this this time of the year.”

    “Are you kidding,” I replied. “Have you seen the size of those flakes?”

    “Yeah, that’s another thing,” Al said. “The big flakes are really no big deal. It’s the small ones you watch out for.” I saw the group nodding their assent and reluctantly agreed to dial back our coverage.

    On the way home to Madison that night I saw what was left of the “blizzard” was now only puddles of water on the pavement. As I walked into the house my wife, a lifelong Californian, ran up to me in excitement and asked about the snowstorm that started that afternoon and should she run to the market and stock-up.

    With a straight face I looked her in the eye and said, “Honey, this is Connecticut. We tend to get weather like this this time of the year.”

  3. terry says:

    Well blizzard, snowstorm whatever you want to call it, I just finished my Christmas shopping after dusting off 75 degree weather, whewwwwww Ok you can throw snowballs at me!

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