Lebowski Influence: The Foxes Go Bowling!

Helaine and I might not have found “The Big Lebowski” the best movie we’d ever seen, but it did leave an impression! That’s why Helaine’s New Years Eve afternoon question seemed reasonable.

“Want to go bowling?”

The Foxes come well prepared. We each have a bag, ball and shoes! In the garage since our last bowling foray they were covered with whatever it is that makes a garage so esthetically unique.

Helaine in her role as family archivist noted it had been a year and a half since we last bowled. In that time the lanes closest to us had closed. Off to Google for helping finding a place.

I’m sure this is my screw-up, but 600 South Colony somehow became 800 North Colony when I entered it into MapQuest4Mobil on my iPhone. That brought us to stores and people, but no bowling alley.

I asked the guy moving shopping carts toward the grocery if he knew where it was.

“You know where the tattoo place is?” he asked.

I said yes though the answer was no. We drove toward the presumed location.

This was my poorest bowling experience since I was a little kid! When your wife offers encouragement that it’s still possible for you to break 100 you know things are bad!

On the other hand the company was spectacular. I had a great time being with Helaine.

She beat me three-for-three!

6 Responses to “Lebowski Influence: The Foxes Go Bowling!”

  1. DorisC says:

    Great shots Geoff!! Way to go Helaine!! You kicked butt!!

  2. rick says:

    don’t forget…there are lanes at foxwoods, too. just say’n.

  3. Mikey P says:

    I’m a terrible bowler. My wrist gets tired quickly and then I’m gutter city.

  4. Lou Lange says:

    Glad you had a good time, Geoff…

  5. Bob says:

    Did you bowl before sundown? Because, you know, we don’t roll on Shabbas!

  6. Jebidiah Springfield says:

    you may be the most handsome middle aged bowler I’ve ever seen…

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