It’s The Universal Translator And I’ve Got One

The Foxes don’t always see eye-to-eye. I love my iPhone (and love complaining about its shortcomings). Helaine just wants a phone that can make calls. Fine.

Today there’s one more reason to love my smartphone and maybe make her a tiny bit jealous. Google has made it smarter! It is multilingual with Google’s new 50+ language translation tool.

You can type in a phrase, but that’s so 20th Century (and already available on the web). Instead just hold the cellphone up and speak.

Geoff: “I love cheese.”
Google: “J’adore le fromage.”

The app will even say your translated phrase back to you. I can assure you loving cheese in French is a lot more romantic than loving it in English!

Based on what I’ve seen with similar apps the ‘magic’ isn’t happening in my phone. Instead my digitized words are sent to a server farm for processing.

You know what? I don’t care. It works.

Of course there’s always the chance for a Jimmy Carter moment. Life is full of unforeseen perils!

This is Star Trek! I hold in my hand the Universal Translator.

It’s absolutely free!

8 Responses to “It’s The Universal Translator And I’ve Got One”

  1. Ehud says:

    אני אוהב מתרגם של גוגל.

    I love Google’s Translator.

  2. Ah, Geoff: Where do I find this gem….at the Apple App store? What’s it called?

  3. John Kalotai says:

    Its Gene Rodenbury’s Tricorder realized! I’ve been using it at work when my Spanish fails.

  4. NancyB says:

    I read about it (Gizmodo I think?) and was thrilled it was Free (I only do Free). It’s so awesome to hear it pronounced and you can keep hitting repeat til it sticks in your brain.
    I’m practicing Polish in case I ever get to take a trip to the MotherLand!

    On another note – I had an IPhone for about a year before I “let” my husband get one. I had to make sure he was worthy…

  5. rick says:

    the babel fish as foretold by the essential douglas adams lives. and the guide…and with some design work the happy inscription that reads…don’t panic.

  6. Bob says:

    Free now. but, sometime in the future it will cost. nutin is for free forever. I remember when they came out with the first credit card. it was free with no interest. then they started adding the small amount of interest on the unpaid balance. an d away we gooooo.

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