What’s It With Me, New York City And Bad Weather

I’m heading into the city again tomorrow. For those following closely this is another commercial audition. I’m looking forward to it because I’ve been asked to affect a German accent and act. When I asked the casting director if the character was over-the-top or nerdy she said, “Yes.” The script encourages physical comedy and ad libbing.

With Helaine listening I read through the script a few times. She laughed. Maybe I can bring a note from home should it not go well in New York?

Though Monday is the first day of spring there’s rain and mixed wintry precipitation in the forecast! Seriously, didn’t Mother Nature get the memo?

This is my third recent trip into New York. This will be my third on a day with rotten weather. Maybe I should read more into this?

8 Responses to “What’s It With Me, New York City And Bad Weather”

  1. Lou Lange says:

    Don’t know but glad you have been getting the auditions…and yes, she probably got the memo but if you think she’s listening you’ve got another thing coming…LOL

  2. Melanie says:

    I think it’s intentional – M.N. wants you to have other things to think about so you won’t get nervous. Do you plan on rehearsing aloud on the train all the way in?

  3. You vill do good Mr. Fox. Do not panic about zee veather.

  4. Neil Solomon says:

    In the words of “Laugh In” alum Arte Johnson….”Verrry Interrresting”!

    • Geoff Fox says:

      Actually I’m more think of Paul Frees the voice behind Ludwig Von Drake and a million other Disney characters.

  5. jane says:

    Best of luck Geoff…I know you’ll ace it!

  6. big jon says:

    While you are in town i heard that aflac is auditioning for a new duck voice!!

  7. harry says:

    i have been to new york quite a few times weather wise it sucks been in 2011 and weather sucked went to london and ironically was a beautiful day great for museums went to a couple pubs as well

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