Don’t Go To Sleep Yet, It’s Fox On Fox!

I am writing you from the weather center at FoxCT in Hartford. As of Monday (officially) it’s where I work. I’m very excited for a bunch of reasons on a number of levels.

Obviously I’m excited to get to stay in Connecticut. You have had an incredible impact on my life. That makes staying that much more important. I know I’ve said this before, but it’s true and I can’t overemphasize it.

Second, I am incredibly grateful to FoxCT who literally created this position out of thin air! This is a job that didn’t exist, but they wanted me as I wanted them! I join their weather team of Joe Furey, Rachel Frank and Dan Amarante.

I will be on-the-air on FoxCT’s 4:00 O’clock newscast doing science and technology reporting. I’ll do what I can to help Rachel who will continue to deliver the forecast on that show.

Don’t go to sleep yet, I’ll be back to do the weather at 11:00.

This place is very different from my old home. FoxCT is in a state-of-the-art facility in Hartford. The newsroom is vibrant and alive with people. Because FoxCT and the Courant are really one there are a lot more boots on-the-ground and a lot more actual news coverage.

I’ve got a lot more to say, but I only have a few minutes right now. Check back later.

132 Responses to “Don’t Go To Sleep Yet, It’s Fox On Fox!”

  1. Mikey P says:

    Congratulations, Geoff! FoxCT made a great move!

    • Mikey P says:

      And for those who aren’t a fan of Fox News (like me), keep in mind that FoxCT’s relationship with Fox is much like WTNH’s with ABC. It’s mostly just for network programming and some non-opinion news clips sprinkled in. Totally different beast. When I still lived in CT, I quite enjoyed WTIC at 10.

    • Phil F. says:

      NOW, I have a reason to watch Connecticut’s GOP-mouthpiece channel…. just just for the GF moments…. and I hope Geoff’s role expands as time goes by. A great enhancement to the Joe/Rach/Dan group…

  2. Marcia says:

    Congrats Geoff! So glad you’re staying in CT!

    Now…as of Monday…
    Ann & Keith @ 6 &10 on WTNH.
    Fox on Fox @ 11 on FOX.

    Yes. That works. I think. 😉

  3. Donna from Hamden says:

    Congratulations and best wishes on your new job! Can’t wait to see you =)

  4. George Wall says:

    We’re glad Ct.’s #1 Meteorologist is back !

  5. Pam says:

    Congratulations, Geoff!!! I know a few people (myself included) that will be switching from Channel 8 to Fox for their “new” news and weather station!!! And may I add, I am quite glad you will be staying in Connecticut, too.

  6. Dina Scungio says:

    So thrilled you’re back!!!!! I’ve been watching FOX since you & Matt left! Love Logon Burns! Can’t wait to see you do the weather!! I feel like everything is going to be OK again!

  7. Reisa Miller says:

    Normally, I don’t like anything having to do with Fox but I’m glad you got a job. Congratulations and best wishes for much success, Geoff.

  8. Claudia Ferraiolo says:

    So, so happy for you! Congratulations!

  9. Leslie says:

    Geoff – we’re all thrilled that you are staying! Best wishes in your new endeavor, we too will make Fox our station of choice for news and weather.

  10. Lois says:

    The fans have waited a long time, but, our prayers have been answered! You are staying in Connecticut AND we get to see you again! What could be better?? I will be watching!

  11. Melanie says:

    Congratulations!!! I am so happy – for you and for us! I sent a note to Fox 61 expressing my appreciation, and got a note right back.(Imagine that – a station responding to an email.) I was worried that Rachel Frank wasn’t in the picture they released – hope she’s happy about the new addition to the family. (I think she’s great too, and I will keep watching her at 10.) I can’t wait til Monday to see you on the big screen again.

    • Melanie says:

      Oh – and as a committed lefty, I have seen no indication that Fox 61 has anything much in common with the big bad one. Which makes me happy too.

  12. Sue says:

    Congrats Geoff Fox made a great choice !!!!!!

  13. K.C. Hendricks says:

    Congratulations Geoff! I only wish you were on their 10pm broadcast.
    I can bearly stay up that late any more!

  14. Lenny Jones says:


    Am glad that you have a new “home”. I have watched Fox News before and found it very comprehensive. I know that you will rise to their expectations. Your former peers will be envious of your new digs. I can only hope that my job search goes as well. Am very glsd to see that you are still going to be CT’s #1 weather and science guru.

  15. Melody says:

    I love it …. Fox on Fox! My sincerest congratulations Geoff. Just goes to show that it’s never too late to set new goals or dream new dreams and having the opportunity to start over can be a wonderful turn of events. So happy that you’re staying in state and I will definitely be checking you out on Fox 61. Wishing you much success in your new job.

  16. Awesome! Congrats! But I don’t think I can pull in FoxCT on DTV here in Naugy. Can you have them boost the broadcast signal so that I can? : )

  17. Mary Wolfe says:

    Congratulations Geoff! Looks like I’ll be switching to FoxCT for news. Can’t wait to see your science reports too.

  18. DorisC says:

    SO THRILLED for you and all of us Geoff!!!!! This is the BEST news!!!! So glad you are staying in CT, and we get to watch our favorite meteorologist. You have NO idea how much we have missed you!!!! Hurray!!! CT’s treasure is back on TV giving us the weather!!! Have not stopped smiling ALL day.

    • Phil F. says:

      Doris: Judging from all of the posts I’ve read since January…. I think Geoff AND his new employer have a very keen understanding on how much we have missed his on-air presentations!

  19. Jill Losee says:

    Fox on Fox…. take a Sly look @ our Weather!

    Can’t tell you how please we are… WTHC really messed up. over 10,000 fans CAN’T BE WRONG!

    Glad for you Geoff… even more so for the rest of us. Now will ya fix this funky weather we’ve been having… Putting in an order for 72 degrees and sun in the daytime, light rain from 10PM til 5AM just to make the flowers and gardens grow… LOL

    Love ya

    • Laura says:

      Jill…. I would love to see that weather pattern too!!! Never a threat of severe weather… well maybe briefly…we still need to see Geoff report something!!!

  20. julia says:

    Hey Geoff, Congratulations,look forward to seeing you.

  21. Stacey R says:

    FOX ON FOX!!!!!!! The best news I have heard all week. So excited to have my favorite weatherman BACK! Looks like starting Monday, FoxCT will be my go to news! Congrats Geoff, you have made your fans VERY happy :) Good luck to you

  22. Rose Ann says:

    Congratulations Geoff!
    Great move on Fox61’s part!
    Looking forward to it!

  23. All I can say is Awesome!!!

  24. dave says:

    Congrats! I am glad to see Geoff back on the air in CT. That you will be doing tech reporting is another PLUS. Looking forward to reliable weather forecasts.

  25. Sheri says:

    I’m not a fan of Fox News, but I will definitely watch now that you’re on (if nothing else for GOOD weather reports)!

  26. Barbara D. says:

    Congratulations Geoff!!! Can’t wait watch you on Fox CT.

  27. Brenda says:

    We will be watching Fox On Fox instead of News 8.Great Move! So Happy that your back!!! Congradulations Geoff!!!

  28. Eileen says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!Congratualtions Geoff! Here comes 10,000 viewers!Moving over to Fox!

  29. Jim says:

    Geoff, I’m tickled for you, wonderful news. I’m sure your new bosses will read these, so I just want to tell Fox61 that after 41years watching WTNH I’m switching come Monday.

  30. Tori says:


  31. Ed says:

    Fox on Fox!!!!! Has a nice ring to it! I’m so glad you are back at work here in Conn. And its all the better that you went to the station I went to after leaving WTNH. I had a feeling after you had dinner with Rachael Franks that you were going there. Gongrats and I’ll be there when you are!

  32. Jo-Ann M Pressman says:

    Congratulations Geoff!! I am so incredibly happy for you that I could do a happy dance! Fox on Fox sounds so very good and I’m sure you & your family are happy too! Have a Happy Passover & enjoy your mitzvah! H&J Pressman

  33. Brian says:

    Congrats, Geoff and THANK YOU FoxCT! So glad to hear we will have you back. It will be just like seeing an old friend again!

  34. If you have a way to do it, I believe I was, at least early if not alone, in opining that the science bit was what made you “better” than a straight weatherman. Do I get a gold star???

    From 8’s point of view, it’s not so bad, in that you won’t pull viewers from the 11:00 news. Wait, I just went back. You’re on at 11:00??? Since when did 61 have 11:00 news?????

  35. Denise says:

    You have made my day. I will be watching. I am really excited about the science part of your broadcast. You have made weather an interesting subject and are always teaching your public in a very educational and entertaining way. Thank you for that Geoff and much success at Fox 61.

  36. Lynn says:

    No freaking way!! I’m there! It’s so nice that you can stay in CT..I’m sure your family must be happy about that..WE GOT YOUR BACK!! hehe

  37. Cherie says:

    Life is good again…

  38. Ann says:

    Geoff, congratulations!

  39. Barbara S says:

    Congratulations, Geoff! I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to hear the wonderful news! I look forward to seeing you back on TV! :-)

  40. Sharon says:

    This is awesome news! Now, we need to figure out how to get our OTA service to find Fox on Fox. We live in the shadow of the tnh transmitter, so it ‘s hard to get clean signals in from other stations.
    But we’ll be ther Monday at 11 somehow.
    All the best.

  41. Rosalie says:

    Geoff, Sooooooooo Glad you will be back on the air. Can’t
    wait to see you again. Best of luck.

  42. Great news for once , so happy for you and your family . I am very very happy you are on Fox. Fox on Fox ! Does not get any better than this! I read you will be on at 4 and 11. I hope we get to hear those words ” don’t go to sleep yet” but for some reason we don’t, that’s ok too just so happy you will be on the air. Thanks Fox for getting the best man back on the air :-)

  43. Uconn21 says:

    So very happy for you and your family!!!! I have been waiting for news on your next work related move! Congrats!!!! Best of luck- they are lucky to have you.

  44. aCtRose says:

    Congrats to you Geoff and to FOX for choosing you, I have already bookmarked FOX TV and will be tuning in EVERY day/night!

  45. Jane says:

    Congratulations Geoff.
    Wonderful! This is GREAT news for all on this beautiful sunny day! Very happy that you and FoxCt have connected for viewers –myself included! I’m looking forward to your upcoming weather and science reports. This is a real WIN-WIN for both you and FoxCt.

    Best Wishes and Congratulations again!

  46. Jas says:

    Congratulations, Geoff!
    Fox on Fox! I like that :)
    My favorite, most reliable news provider has signed on my favorite, most reliable weather forecaster!
    Glad you will be staying in CT.

  47. This is EXCELLENT!!! What a wonderful play on words for advertising your arrival on FOX. Wishing you well – can’t wait to hear those words again……..I promise I won’t go to sleep!

  48. Amy Primorac says:

    Congratulations Geoff! Very glad to hear that you’ll be here to stay in CT. The evenings just weren’t the same without you on air…glad to hear you’ll be back soon!

  49. Laurie in Old Saybrook says:

    Way to go Geoff, Will be watching for you!!! I am so happy for you.

  50. Judy F. says:

    It’s great! Really! The best for you, for us, and for Fox CT. I am so excited and happy that it turned out this way. Now somebody can turn off that “Keep GF On Channel 8” FB page, officially and forever.

  51. Ruth says:

    Geoff, WONDERFUL news! I know what I’ll be watching at 11:00PM and it won’t have 8 in it!!!! So glad that not only have you found a position, but the WE STILL GET TO WATCH YOU.
    P.S. Bet the get the badge right this time.

  52. Laura says:

    Fantastic news!! We “distractions” are so excited to see you back on the air. WHile 11PM is a stretch fpr me to stay up for, I hope I can see you doing ‘subbing’ on the earlier newscasts when the other are on vaction. I had already switched to Fox after you and Matt left the other station and it is really a wonderful station..I like all the meteorologists on there and now there is another reason to “like” Channel 61. YAY!!!!!

  53. Matt says:

    You made my day!!
    Good-bye Channel 8, Hello Fox News!!
    We missed you so much-just were saying so again last night-
    Congratulations & can’t wait to see you on Monday!!

  54. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to seeing you on the air again, it’s been too long.

  55. John R. Trevisan says:

    Congratulations Geoff!

  56. Donna says:

    Congratulations, Geoff!! Great news! I’ve been watching FoxCT news and NBC30 since you left the other station, so this couldn’t be more perfect! Rachel is smart, informative, refreshing and passionate about the weather….just like you….what a team you will be!

  57. Big Mike says:

    Hey, FoxCT (or Fox 61), home of House, Bones, don’t forget Idol, and now the one and only Geoff Fox! Mazel tov, Geoff!

  58. Deborah Jensen says:

    Look at that–just when Oprah’s getting ready to leave the 4PM slot, here you come!

  59. Mary L. says:

    Fox on Fox!! Could not be more perfect. I’ve been switching news channels all over the place (except WTNH) since you left…now I can settle on one! Congratulations and I’m looking forward to Monday! :)

  60. Teresa T says:


  61. Evi from Danbury says:

    Cannot WAIT for Monday…. 😀 Wonderful, news, Geoff! Tell Helaine hello for me!

  62. MY new qoute “Geoff Fox on FOX ROXS” I love geoff Fox and switch to Fox when WTNH did not have Geoff anymore. He was a part of my evening-“Don’t go to bed Yet”, I have been watching Scot Haney since my 87 year old mom told me about how fun he is. I loved him instantly, especially when he stood in front of the green screen and it looked like he was missing his lower half. My Mom and I laughed so hard tears came down our cheeks. I am so thrilled with this information, Welcome Geoff Fox, we missed seeing you. “FOX ROXS”

    Sandy Carmena

  63. Linda Madsen says:

    FOX ON FOX — SO GREAT — WTG !!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Anne from Tolland says:

    YES! I missed the 4pm today but will catch you at 11!!! FOX on FOX — awesome!!!!

  65. Gail says:

    YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! We’ve all been waiting for you.

  66. Pamela says:

    I am so happy to hear the news! I had just started watching Fox 61 as I was not pleased with the news and weather on the other stations. I was very pleased with the content, but now that you will be on it I and over 10,000 more followers I am sure will be there with you! Good luck with your new digs! I know you will be successful and loved by all your viewers!

  67. Diane K says:

    Congratulations Geoff. I’ll be waiting with baited breath for Monday to arrive to see you back on the air. 4 & 11 works for me.

    Yay (jumping up and down).

  68. LISA says:

    I was happy when I learned earlier today that you would be back
    on tv. I have been watching Fox @10 so I will keep watching you
    at 11. I am so glad you are staying here.

  69. That’s wonderful news. “FOX on FOX” I’m glad your staying in CT. I haven’t watched that other channel since you left. Fox is in. I can’t wait to see how the numbers go up with you back on the air. We will be getting really weather reports, along with your weather history and other great stuff. Good luck Geoff

  70. G says:

    Congrabulations on landing another gig, this time on a better network.

  71. John says:

    Looking forward to your return on Monday! Miss hearing “Don’t go to sleep yet….”

  72. Nicky Chaleunphone says:

    The Fox’s have arrived. I think Geoff u should brand that as ur now slogan, Fox on Fox

  73. Edward Bowers (N1HSH) says:

    Congratulations, FOX CT will be our new station to watch for our weather and news.

  74. Alan Pierce says:

    Now that you’re getting back on the air, maybe our weather patterns will go back to normal,since balance has been restored to the universe! Congratulations, Geoff!

  75. Liz Cook says:

    Congrats, it will be great to see you again>

  76. Smitty52 says:

    I like everyone just am glad you talents will stay here in CT. Very happy things worked out Geoff
    One of your very many loyal fans,

  77. NancyZi says:

    Very glad you are back on the air. CONGRATULATIONS! You were missed (Obviously!) And, for you as a person and citizen of CT, happy you get to stay in your HOME!

  78. Lou Lange says:

    Congratulations Geoff. I am very glad you will remain a CT person. It must also be a relief to Helaine and Stef too!

  79. Mary Lou says:

    You handled yourself so professionally throughout this and came out without the sort of bitterness no one could have blamed you for. Thank you for sticking around for all of us and not high-tailing it out to warm and sunny Florida or California.
    We can’t wait to see you again, Geoff! Best of luck in your new “home” at Fox:)

  80. David says:

    Congratulations Geoff! Great news and I look forward to seeing not only your weather reports but your science and technology reports as well. Don’t forget to do a report about how great Android is! Glad you’re staying in CT!

  81. Paula says:

    Congratulations Geoff… while I don’t watch the 11 O’clock news that often I’m very excited that you are going to do science and Techno reporting.

  82. Dan says:

    CONGRATULATIONS GEOFF!! THIS is a WIN-WIN for BOTH YOU AND FOX CT! A “POWER Weather Team” mixed with some science & technology! AND of course…who could do that combination better than GEOFF FOX! “FOX ON FOX”…THIS is a GREAT DAY FOR CONNECTICUT!!!

  83. Tom says:

    The other door has opened! We all told you it would.

    I won’t be at home to watch you, but my DVR is set to go.



  84. Tyler, Karen, Mike says:

    Thanks for staying. We are so excited. I made the switch back to Fox the day News 8 made the biggest mistake of their lives. Love what they do at 4 and we will be tuning back to see you. Hoping it was just a matter of time before you made the swing over to Fox, it has such a nice sound. “FOX on Fox.” Love it. Looks like everyone is WINNING!

  85. Pamela says:

    This is wonderful news for you, and CT. It will be great to see you back on the air!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

  86. Steve says:

    Congratulations Geoff and FoxCT! This is wonderful news and we can’t wait to see you back on the air! Very best wishes from Farmington fans.

  87. Chapman Family says:

    Yay! We now have a new favorite news station! We were so hoping you would get to stay in CT! Congratulations!

  88. Jeff says:

    Now I can watch the weather again. Congrats Geoff!

  89. Gammie says:

    So Happy for you Geoff! Oh yeah and happy for me and all other supporters that you will be Fox on Fox. I still have a loyalty to Ann, Keith, Sonia, and Darrin maybe they can go with you. I will watch you at 4 and them at 10. 11 news is to late for me.
    Will Helaine still make you finish cleaning out the garage?
    Kudos to you.

  90. Kathleen says:

    I was thrilled to see this when reading my local newspaper online. I can’t wait to start watching Fox on Fox on Monday! Smart move by both parties!! Congratulations and best wishes in your new home, Geoff. May you always be accepted and respected as you deserve, you are a true gentleman.

  91. Susanne says:

    MONDAY CAN’T COME SOON ENOUGH!! We made the switch to Fox in January so this is just what we’ve been hoping for. Your a Class act Geoff. Fox on Fox makes a great team!

  92. Julia says:

    I’m sending a thank you note to FoxCT right now….I’m so happy we got our Fox back! Congratulations!!

  93. Lisa Kinison says:

    Yaaaaaaaay!!! Congratulations, Geoff! We are so glad you’re back on the air!!! LIFE IS GOOD AGAIN!!!

  94. John Kinison says:

    This is such GREAT news!!!! And thanks to Fox for recognizing a “class act.” So glad to have you back, Geoff, and wishing you well! …And we promise we won’t go to sleep yet! Looking forward Monday!!! Yaaay!!!) P.S. Fox viewers should “double” just with this move! (:

  95. Charles says:

    I have been roaming the local channels for news and weather and usually stop in for a few minutes to say hello to Keith and Ann. Can’t get used to Geoff not being there. I am going to miss K & A and I wish them well. HELLO FoxCT…now programmed into my remote favorite channel lineup!

  96. Margaret says:

    Everything has already been said . What more can I add except congrats! We had already tentatively settled on Fox after trying out all CT channels. This cements it! We’re there! If we’re not home at 4, the DVR will be set. We are so excited! Can’t wait for Monday.

  97. Linda C says:

    I’ll be watching!!! So happy you are staying with your fan base in CT.

  98. yogi67 says:

    Congrats Jeff !

    Your still a dork but I am glad you found work!

  99. Jane says:

    Congratulations Geoff! Fox on Fox, my husband and I can’t wait to watch you on your new network!! Wishing you all the best at your new job! Looking forward to Monday to see you on the air again. Fox was smart to hire you, for all your fans will be watching, too!!! I’ve always said that all things happen for a reason. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that but I’m sure you will do fine and be very happy there. Good luck, Geoff.

  100. jane says:

    Geoff, I had no doubt that you would get hired…congrats!! It’s about time someone smart hired you! From now on for me it’s Fox news…I love “smart thinking” people. WAY TO GO GF!!!

  101. JoAnn says:

    Congratulations Geoff!!! I am overjoyed with this Great News!!! And so relieved That we still have you in Conn. Wishing you nothing but GOOD LUCK GEOFF:)

  102. Donna D says:

    Alas, the planets have realigned and all is well in the world. Seriously, Geoff, Connecticut was beginning to demonstrate the effects of withdrawal. Phew, now we can finally wake up so you can tell us when it is time to go back! All the love and best wishes on your new position. One man’s loss is another man’s treasure! Yay, us!!

  103. Dinah says:

    Hallelujah! I am so happy. I don’t watch Fox news but I will be watching you on Fox! And recording your 11pm weather every night!
    Do you know if your weather report will be available online?

  104. Dave says:

    Congratulations Geoff, I now have a new station to get my weather and news. See ya WTNH.

  105. Nancy from Shelton says:

    We were so happy to read this morning in the CT Post that you will be staying in CT as a member of the Fox in Ct team. We will be watching Fox at 4 and 11 for our weather and news from now on. We have not watched WTNH since you left in January and now we finally have a place to get our Fox “fix”.

  106. Geoff,

    As if you are a sibling to us all, I see others feel similarly, we are all thrilled that “what goes around comes around”. You are such a decent, honest, sincere, fun loving professional and it was just a matter of time…(probably deep and black for you) that another station saw the light and swooped down to take you! The fact that you will be part of the weather team of veteran Joe Furey, and the new bubbly Rachel Frank is so perfect. Good luck to you, it is evident Fox (network) just got a huge influx of new watchers. My wife and I already switched over to watching Rachel and the Fox news after what happened to you! And to think, if this didn’t all happen, you would never know the guardian angel you must have here on earth with thousands of people rooting in the corner for you!

  107. Wanda says:

    Congratulations Geoff, Glad to hear you will be on TV again. Good luck with Fox. We will be watching you.

  108. Neil Solomon says:

    Geoff…….Congratulations!! Mr. Science lives again! Will not be going to sleep now until 11:30. Mazel tov!!

  109. Forest says:

    Geoff is back – Life is good!!!

  110. Phyllis says:

    Congrats to you and us! I just have to learn to live with Fox News (local anyway will be easy!) So happy!

  111. Dave Arre says:

    Congratulations, Geoff! It’s great you found a new home and even better that you’ll be gracing the airwaves over CT again. There is always life after Channel 8, and it is usually for the better! :-) Best Wishes to you in the new gig!

  112. Dave Muir says:

    Congrats Geoff! 2 yrs ago I got layed off from my longtime employer (~15 years) and finally I’ll be starting my new adventure (AKA job) on Monday too! I’ll have to DVR the news and see how your first day goes.

  113. Bob says:

    Congratulations Geoff. Glad to see somebody has some sense. I have actullay been searching for someone with your approach to weather and viewers. Looking forward to watching you again. Someone I can trust.

  114. janice says:

    absolutely thrilled..I had switched to Fox 61 when Geoff left 8, and now–well proves great things can happen ! Yay GEOFF !!!!

  115. Donna of New Milford says:

    Just found out you’re back on the air and I’m setting up the DVR for FoxCT news. I’m so psyched you’re back! I’m a major weather and science junkie and have really missed you. Congratulations, Geoff.

  116. Terri says:

    Welcome back Geoff. It won’t take FoxCT long to realize that getting you on their team is the best move they ever made!

  117. Ron Beck Sr says:

    Congrets Geoff. I have been watching you all these years and am soooo glad to have you back. I watched your radio chat. I could see you are very disappointed with Dr Mel but I think the real snake in the weeds was Gil. Something is wrong there. I hope someday you and Dr Mel get a chance to talk. I haven’t had a news chanel since you left ch8. FoxCT has gained one more viewer.

    • Phil F. says:

      Why would Gil have been a ‘snake in the weeds’ when it was Mel who went on air with his endorsement of The Replacement less than a week after G. was told his contract would not be renewed? Having listened to Geoff’s WPLR interview, I’ll believe the gist of that conversation… the interviewer suggesting that LIN may have put Mel up to it, but Geoff, having known Mel for so long, nixing that notion and intimating that Mel acted alone… I have other thoughts about that whole LIN mess, but they’re not suitable for publication 😉

  118. Susan says:

    Wooohooo! Yipppeeee!
    Now I can stop channel surfing everytime I want to see the forecast. I simply couldn’t bear giving LIN and its WTNH GM goon the satisfaction of sticking with their new guy. Gone is that crummy feeling I experienced, missing Geoff Fox coupled with the sting from the disrespect LIN demonstrated towards its audience (customers).
    Thank you FoxCt for having the vision and understanding to recognize that for a good many of Geoff Fox’s long time viewers, Connecticut weather is just a bit more bearable and a lot more fun when we learn of it from our weather man, Geoff Fox.
    Everything ” feels right as rain.”

  119. Arnie says:

    Hey Jeoff!!!!! My wife and I were wondering where you went to. We figured the old station wasn’t appreciating you much and it is what it is. We’re glad your back and doing well. We missed you and we really enjoy you as our weatherman. We love Fox and are supporters of fox. We always watch only fox in the am hrs for the news and weather…We trust fox will deliver. You did make a great choice and Fox did the right thing by hirering you. Keep up the great work and remember you have a great following of supporters. YEAAA–FOX—GO JEOFF….. Arn

  120. Mary Ann says:

    Hi Geoff,
    So Happy You are Back!! I think you will remember me( mary Ann from roberto’s) My family is so excited too. Wishing you and family well.
    Mary Ann

  121. Emma says:

    Hey Geoff, So glad to finally find you again! I stopped watch WTNH when you left… Now I can stop searching… Good luck and now FOX is my favorite news channel.. Em

  122. Diane Campbell says:

    Hi Geoff!
    I share in the joy with your new move to Fox. My family, friends and myself are just smiling from ear to ear! Thanks for staying. We are so excited. I have been watching Fox since the day News 8 made the biggest mistake of their lives. And I said it a million times and will say it a million and one times. You were the only persn I tuned into 8 for. And have had no desire or reason to watch 8. Its Fox on Fox and its accurate weather again with that happy smiling face again.

  123. Gil Marquis says:

    Hey Geoff!

    I wanted to say Congratulations to you and your new move to Fox. I have watched u since I was a little boy and while on tour to Afghanistan I found out what had happened. Now Im home and an resume where I left off. Watching the Master at work. I wont go to sleep until I hear what you have to say- Thank you Geoff for staying with us and CT.

    Best to u

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