The Physical

I saw Steve today. He’s my doctor. Today was my annual physical. Steve’s the only friend I get undressed for! Neither he nor I look forward to that.

I have come to the age where a trip to the doctor is accompanied by a ‘punch list.’ I ask about nagging little problems that need attention. Every year the list gets a little longer. I am obviously out of warranty.

My cholesterol is at an all-time low. Thanks Lipitor.

I don’t eat a lot that’s bad for me. I just eat a lot!

My blood work was good. My PSA number has fluctuated over time, but it’s OK.

Recently we’ve been told not to fixate on that potential cancer marker. Fine. One less thing to worry about.

A few years ago Steve looked at something on my skin and said, “It’s not cancerous.” Even when used in a comforting fashion having cancer in a sentence about you is sobering.

He asked about medication I take. I knew some, not others. There are seven unmarked pills on the counter when I get home. I just swallow and move on.

I’ve got to have a colonoscopy sometime soon. This will be my second. I’m in no rush to do it again. It’s not the procedure that bothers me. It’s the prep.

He took my blood pressure and noticed it was high. He told me we’d try again in a few minutes. Does he also retouch X-rays?

As Steve cuffed me to run the test a second time he said, “Relax your arm.” Oops. BP was normal. There’s a reason he’s the doc!

All things considered I’m in good shape for my age. I just wish I wasn’t my age.

9 Responses to “The Physical”

  1. Lou Lange says:

    Good stuff Geoff!

  2. Michael Garboski says:

    Glad everything went well at the doctor.

  3. I knew this post would be priceless and you did not disappoint. LOL

  4. Welcome to the club! I am really glad you are as fit as a person your age can be! I have followed you for 20 something years, and in my book you rock! Glad the Dr. thinks so too!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely wife! Enjoy your day!

  5. Sharon in New Milford, CT says:

    Lol, I hear ya!

  6. DorisC says:

    Feel the same way Geoff! A while back my cholesterol was so high I should have been considered a solid. After trying many different medications I finally found one my body tolerated. I don’t eat bad stuff, it is just genetic. As long as we stay young at heart, the body will follow as best it can. Enjoy!

  7. Dave says:

    “live long and prosper” is what my doc says after my physicals…i think he may have been on the enterprise…

  8. Laura says:

    Aww, geez Geoff, you look darn good for 29 :))

  9. Linda C says:

    There is only one alternative to getting older, Geoff.

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