I Help In All Departments

If you walk into Home Depot you see people wearing aprons saying: “I help in all departments.” That was me this week at work.

I was in the Weather Center Thursday afternoon when Hugh Owen walked over. Hugh is the front page editor for the Courant. FoxCT and the Courant are one and the same. We are commonly owned and share a newsroom.

Hugh was there because Mara Lee was writing a story on the impact of winter. I was asked to add some technical expertise to a second story showing the nuts and bolts of this crazy weather.

Over the next few hours I spoke with Hugh, business editor Dan Harr and graphic designer Wes Rand. They questioned and probed.

TV news and news in a newspaper are very different. Newspapers have much more room for detail and depth. I’m not sure an entire newscast would fill a full newspaper page! That demands everyone involved have a more thorough understanding of the story.

I was excited and pleased to be involved. I checked and double checked and at one point even had someone looking over my shoulder to make sure everything I said was absolutely right.

Friday morning the Courant hit the street with the product of our labor. I was quoted in the story and credited for providing the data for the graphic. Between those credits and an ad for FoxCT I was mentioned on the front page three times. Usually you need to commit a major crime to get that level or notoriety!

I’m pretty buzzed about it. No lie.

When I went to work on Broad Street I hoped I could get involved in this way. Mission accomplished.

8 Responses to “I Help In All Departments”

  1. Lou Lange says:

    Good to hear Geoff! A sharp organization found you and they are using ALL of your talents to their maximum potential!

  2. Big Frank says:

    Nice. May we all get that opportunity to shine someday…less the major crime involement….lol…

  3. Donna says:

    We love all you do there, too! From the weather, to the science segment, to the comic relief!!! You are a great asset!

  4. Mark R. Bunker Sr. says:

    Geoff,I work at The Home Depot in Milldale,CT and if you want excellent customer service,come on down and see me and by the way,thanks for the plug.Keep up the great work!

  5. Kay says:

    Congrats!!! Well done, as always..

  6. Bootsiebear says:

    Congrats !!! All I can say is Channel 8 must be having “Cat Fits” at their own studity !!! Success is the best revenge and you got um good !!! Good for you and keep up the good work..

  7. Farfel says:

    Not to worry … the Courant barely covers stories in more depth than the local nightly news.

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