When TV People Fly The Coop

Today is Jenn Bosworth’s last day. She is a reporter/anchor at FoxCT. She will now work for a new “golf lifestyle” channel, The Back9 Network, founded by her husband.

It’s always sad to see someone move on. Jenn’s a good person. She and I sit in facing cubicles. She has learned to not hear my loudness. Someone new must now be broken in!

In broadcasting people come and go all-the-time. Upward mobility is the implied promise that makes working in tiny markets for slave wages seem reasonable. It’s still sad.

Sometimes there are going away parties. I never go. I’ve missed hundreds… maybe thousands.

Years ago the general manager of my station in Buffalo forbade going away parties. “They just encourage people to leave,” he said.

9 Responses to “When TV People Fly The Coop”

  1. Rick in Putnam says:

    Nooooooo!!!! Please say it’s isn’t so, Geoff!!! Don’t want Jen to leave!!!!

  2. Lou Lange says:

    Sorry to see Jen go – but good luck to her! Nice picture of the two of you!

  3. Dawn says:

    No say it isn’t so, I love Jenn! I enjoyed her dirty jobs segments. She will be missed. Good Luck to you Jennifer!

  4. Matt says:

    You were the new guy and that’s the view you got from your cubicle!? That’s the TV anchor equivalent of a corner office with an ocean view.

  5. Joanne says:

    Sorry Jen is leaving. Didn’t she just get married? Well, whether I like it or not, people go their own way and I have to say, ” Good luck, Jen, and the best of everything!”

  6. Marty says:

    Sorry to see her leave, she was great on the show, The Best to Her !!!

  7. Steve says:

    It was the dirty job segments that drove her out, wasn’t it? Great to watch, tough to imagine doing. Send her our best regards, and good luck!

  8. Bootsiebear says:

    I wish her well and she chose to go with her husband,thankfully she didn’t get the Matt Scott, Geoff Fox and maybe Al Terzi treatment !!!

  9. Tammi says:

    Good Luck Jenn., You will be missed.

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