This House

We’re in the Valley. We’re staying with my secretive friend. I love this vibe. I love this house.

There is one thing which separates Southern California from anywhere else I’ve ever been. In SoCal you can allow the outside inside. Doors and windows are left wide open. No bugs fly in!

This home is really a small compound. It’s a block or two from the business district in Sherman Oaks. This is a busy area and the noise associated with it does float in. I hear a siren now!

image On this city lot is a main house, pool and pool house. It is surrounded by a tall wall which runs the perimeter of the property. When you’re here you’re in a cocoon. Private. Secure.

Every square inch of the lot is in use which means a nice little patio area alongside the pool. I like to hang out there.

The main house is a wide open floorplan with tall ceilings. The kitchen is oversized and made to be used.

This is a very West Coast kind of home.

I am fond of Southern California. It has allure.

3 Responses to “This House”

  1. Rick in Putnam says:

    Must be nice to not have skeeters annoying you all the time! Would LOVE to visit SoCal….when I win tonight’s Mega Millions!!! 😀 Hope you’re having a good time, Geoff!!!!

  2. J. Ainsworth says:

    I briefly lived in Lancaster, CA. The hallways of the high school were outside! Antelope Valley Union High School was also Frank Zappa’s alma mater.

  3. Take lots of photos please. Saw some you took earlier – very nice indeed.

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