The Farewell Las Vegas Photo

Stef stopped by our hotel for a few hours after work. She was going to take a cab ‘home’ to her hotel across the Interstate, but I offered to drive and she took me up on my offer.

As we approached the Palms she told me there was a place for me to get nice photos of the Strip. I turned into the mostly empty parking garage and headed up to the roof. It was a vantage she’d noticed from her suite.

I started shooting, trying to get around the two main towers at the Palms which were in the way. As I was clicking away a security guard bicycled up to us. I assumed he was going to politely ask us to leave. Instead he suggested going to another garage on the east side of the property for a better shot!

Thank you Maloof family.

This photo consists of 20 separate shots. It was pieced together in Microsoft ICE, a free application for Windows PCs and many cellphones. The original is a 145 megapixel image!

Click on the photo for a better, more detailed look. There’s still some cleanup and tweaking necessary before I print it, but I’m pretty happy with what’s here now.

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  1. Robert Daly says:

    We’re going to Nova Scotia. I always get stomach problems before going. Once I get there I have a wonderful time. The food is outstanding and the people are so kind and friendly. If you’re looking for excitement go to Vegas. If you’re looking for a nice time and peace and quiet go to Nova Scotia.

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