Google’s Worthless Recommendations

I just did a Google search. It’s one of the hundreds I do everyday. The answer is not satisfying, a big problem in Mountain View.

I was looking to see if there are any free, open source video editors that work in Windows. The image at the top of this entry is a screen grab of what I got.

Two of the highest rated results are so old they’re worthless! Google shouldn’t prioritize a software recommendation from 2005 or 2007.

This is their problem. It’s a big problem.

Meanwhile, as Google worries more-and-more about friend based recommendations on Facebook and Twitter they had better see this as the weakness it is.

5 Responses to “Google’s Worthless Recommendations”

  1. McD says:

    I use the “Show search tools” link in the left-side menu to restrict my search to the “Past Year” to avoid old results for searches like yours.

    • Geoff Fox says:

      As do I, but that’s got to be integrated into the organic search. Goggle won’t exist as a two click solution.

      • Mixolydian says:

        Nearing the end of Walt Isaacson’s bio of Steve Jobs. Jobs always insisted his program’s functions be reachable in no more than three clicks. But I have to agree, nowadays it should be a no-brainer to integrate a one click function for this. BTW, the book is really enlightening. I’ve always been PC, but I now have a deep respect for Jobs.

  2. Lightworks says:

    Free, but not open source (yet).

    • Geoff Fox says:

      I have a bone to pick with Lightworks. In fact it’s Lightworks which drove me to this entry!

      I played with the beta, then switched to the stable version when issued. I’d spent hours trying to understand this powerful program with a steep learning curve including watching a bunch of tutorial videos.

      The difference between free and paid is the paid version cannot import video from my Canon DSLR. I only realized that after the upgrade. There no longer a chance to see if this is the right software for me.

      The Lightworks version I’d need to use is $60/year.

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