The Zucchini Bread Payoff

I’ve got a garden here at FoxCT. It’s flourishing in spite of my parental guidance!

For the past few weeks after my Thursday garden segment I’ve brought veggies to the newsroom. If you want some, take some! Brent Hardin took a watermelon shaped zucchini home.

Today that zucchini returned in the form of amazing zucchini bread. It was baked by Brent’s wife, Leann. She told me the recipe came from the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Cookbook… not available at the Fox house.

Zucchini bread is to vegetable healthfulness as carrot cake is to good eyesight. Man it was good!

2 Responses to “The Zucchini Bread Payoff”

  1. Karen says:

    Church cookbooks; like Church potlucks are the things that gastrointestinal dreams are made of!
    Enjoy the vegetables of your labor!

  2. "D" says:

    So Geoff,
    Don’t be so secretive. How ’bout you share the recipe? Wouldn’t mind baking one up myself. “D”

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