Doppler: Victim Of SoCal Weather


Ask me what color is Doppler?

“Geoff, what color is Doppler?”



Except now.


It’s been two months since Doppler last saw Maddie, who clips her hair. I like Dopp’s look when she’s scruffy, but it’s time.

We’ve never seen her so dirty. Tiny impact from our dry weather? Probably.

Doppler doesn’t walk on much bare soil, but there’s plenty of construction nearby which raises dust. That drops schmutz on the sidewalk. Doppler takes long walks with us. Do the math.

Doppler’s a Cali girl now. She wants to look the part. The appointment has been entered on her calendar.


4 Responses to “Doppler: Victim Of SoCal Weather”

  1. Carole says:

    Doppler doesn’t look that dirty. Do you have pictures of her the moment she comes home from the beauty parlor, so we can compare her with the photos you put on this webpage?

  2. Paula says:

    At least you didn’t try to pass off her gray coat as due to mud from the constant rain showers you receive! :)

  3. Rachel Frank says:

    LOL @ “Doppler’s a Cali girl now”

  4. Flossie says:

    Does’t matter what color Doppler is she’s a real cutie!!!!

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