Clouds Are Made For Timelapse

SoCal is normally a cloud free zone. Not today! Yesterday’s overcast (Do I get a refund off my mortgage?) was followed today by cumulus clouds. They are majestic, especially when sped up.

This time lapse was shot with my Canon 7D using Magic Lantern and edited in Adobe Premiere CS6. There’s plenty of resolution, so click the button in the lower right hand corner of the player and fill your screen.

I’m trying a new technique, so please let me know if the video isn’t playable in your browser.

8 Responses to “Clouds Are Made For Timelapse”

  1. Carole says:

    In So. CA, quite often there is what is call May Gray/June Gloom, with a cloudy of skies. You will understand this website.

  2. Debbie Z says:

    Geoff – would love to see it, but apparently it doesn’t like IE10 on Windows 8. Worked great in Firefox.


  3. Robert P. says:

    cool video Geoff! Still looks nicer there than in CT right now. I think CT is caught in a winter rewind! Yesterday 35 and windy. More like late Jan than late March! Uggh!

  4. Lou Lange says:

    Played just fine in Chrome on Win 7 Home Premium. Beautiful video!

  5. ehl says:

    My tablet is like a tablet for beginners. Verizon ellpell

  6. ehl says:

    See my tablet sometimes has a mind all its own. I was going to say that it worked just fine on my Verizon ellipsis sorry!

  7. How far away is the horizon?

    The moving clouds make those mountains look close, but it could all be an optical illusion (in my head).


    Stan, WA1LOU

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