Doppler Update: Haircut Day

A few days ago we realized Doppler’s fur had grown so long, she probably couldn’t see!

My opinion is Doppler’s prettiest when her fur is long and shaggy. I don’t get a vote.

Madi came by this afternoon with her salon-on-wheels. It was time for an afternoon of beauty. Here’s the result.


9 Responses to “Doppler Update: Haircut Day”

  1. Shirl says:

    Doppler is always cute, but my vote is with yours….longer looks cuter. Although I’ll bet she’s happier seeing the world!

  2. Jan Couture says:

    We had a dog like Doppler and they’re meant to have long hair. If God wanted them to have short hair, he would have given them short hair. I read an article once that said you should not take that hair off their eyes, as it is there to protect their eyes and they have no problem seeing through it. Tell Helaine she’s wrong this time.

  3. Carole says:

    Geoff, did you see this on Yahoo’s webpage? “7 Signs you love your dog more than your spouse.”

    I like Doppler with longer hair too.

  4. Debbie says:

    I agree with you-but I have a long haired dog too and she mats way to easily (she actually has hair not fur and it’s very soft) So I do have her groomed every 7-8 weeks to get the hair out of her eyes and so she won’t get matted. BUT the groomer does leave hair on her face so she doesn’t looked scalped-she still has that cute long haired look.

  5. Lou Lange says:

    I also like Doppler with slightly longer hair, but it must get hot for her and a trim now and then isn’t a bad thing!

    • Carole says:

      Lou, I have heard that longer hair/fur actually keeps them cooler. Don’t know if this is true or just a myth.

  6. Tracy says:

    My vote is for shaggy.

  7. Barb B says:

    Ditto to the above comments. But by now, she has probably shook all that’s left of her fur back into place. I have a Cairn Terrier (similar to your former Westie, Geoff) and I do all the grooming myself.Cutting his bangs is delicate but I don’t make them too short. So he has enough left hanging to protect his eyes, but not pick up food or whatever he decides to roll in, when outdoors. Getting the little tufts along side of the eyes (in the ridge of the nose) is the trickiest–one needs steady hands and a quiet dog.
    And yes, the dog’s fur does help keep them cooler. Never shave them down to skin in the summer–they will both sunburn and overheat. I’ll bet you and Helaine didn’t fuss that much with
    your daughter when she was small!

  8. 793tango says:

    I like the ‘before’ picture better.

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