My Right Eye Is Closed

Video   Google PhotosFrom the “It’s Always Something” department, I working with one eye today. Sometime Saturday my right eye began to hurt as if a piece of dust had gotten in. The pain continued into Sunday. I went to see the doctor.

Well, I thought I was seeing the doctor. I actually saw a nurse practitioner. I’m not sure my minor eye tsuris deserved more. Of course I’m not a doctor. Come to think of it, neither was she.

She was very thorough, numbing (something in the ‘caine family) and cleansing the eye, then dying it and looking under black light. No scratch. That’s good.

She prescribed antibiotic drops and sent me on my way. I’ve been taking the drops, but mostly I’ve been keeping my right eye shut.

This is something I’ve written about before. There are tiny muscles you never think about working in and around your eyes. They get sore if you overwork them. Ask the man who knows.

“He’s not a very good patient,” says everyone who’s ever met me. Hopefully, in a few days my malady will be gone.

3 Responses to “My Right Eye Is Closed”

  1. Sherm says:

    Quick healing, Geoff.

  2. Neil S says:

    It seems as we all inevitably grow older, it’s not necessarily the “Golden Years”, but rather a phrase which seems more appropriate, it’s, the “Rusty Years”

  3. Elayne Thomas says:

    Maybe you should take a lesson from your dad about being a good patient. Praying for a speedy recovery.

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