I Believe I’m A Hermit


I believe I’m a hermit.

noun: hermit; plural noun: hermits
1. Any person living in solitude or seeking to do so.
synonyms: recluse, solitary, loner, ascetic, marabout, troglodyte

I don’t think I’ve left the few blocks that surround our home this week. Most of the time I’m alone in the studio working on projects… or work.

I don’t miss commuting. My car has been filled once since Halloween.

Most days I dress in a suit and tie yet never see anyone but Helaine and Doppler.

Working from home fits me well. I don’t miss office politics. I don’t miss suffering other people’s mistakes (though I now realize how ridiculous that was of me).

TV can be an insidious business. We would sit and take apart newscasts while they were on-the-air, picking at them like so many scabs. I don’t miss that either.

When I was forecasting for Palm Springs I’d enjoy occasional trips to the desert. Occasional is enough.

I love what I’m doing. Forecasting every day in Nebraska is my fun. Very rewarding. I don’t think I’d change a thing.

Maybe I just don’t want to be a people person anymore?

2 Responses to “I Believe I’m A Hermit”

  1. Linus from New Haven says:

    … well, when I think of a ‘hermit’, I think of Ted Kaczynski, who truly embraced solitude… and then went on to write a 35,000 word essay that he wanted the entire world to read.

    … waiwait…

    … maybe you ARE a hermit.

    (lol) Love your site. The whole ‘reclusive’ thingy works for you. Keep up the great work.

  2. I think not being a people person anymore is a very good thing. At this point in our lives (if you’re 50+), the only relevant people contact one should have is with the real world (outside of work that is). Much more rewarding than the forced work-related people contact.

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