I Was Wrong


We were up and out early today. My dad was headed to LAX for the one daily non-stop to Milwaukee from the West Coast. This is his second departure from LAX. We were better prepared for the challenges it presents.

He’s in Milwaukee now. I spoke to LaTonya who picked him up at the airport. They were still waiting for his walker.

Let me take a moment to look back on these thirteen days because it wasn’t what I expected at all.

My dad tends to exaggerate his physical condition. I expected what he was saying while still in Wisconsin was more aspiration than reality.

I was wrong.

Five operations since December. His heart ailment was serious. He began the year unable to walk across a room.

When you’re 90 you don’t expect to get better. Maybe, we hoped, the operations would be somewhat helpful. Instead, it was a miracle.

All of a sudden here’s this 90 year old guy capable of doing stuff he hadn’t done for years! And, without saying a word, we all fell into agreement. Let’s do stuff!

We took him everywhere and paid attention to his every whim. He stayed busy. We kept him smiling. There was always an offer on-the-table to go somewhere if he wanted.

We found out after-the-fact whale watching was on his bucket list. Check that baby off.

This morning I asked him if he felt stronger than when he came?


Mission accomplished.

4 Responses to “I Was Wrong”

  1. Barbara in Wallingford says:

    Too bad he cannot stay there with you all- he thrives

  2. Woody says:

    Treasure his every every day, as I know you do.

  3. Mike Krauss says:


    A great moment! My dad left us at age 58. Even though I am blessed to be the Alta cocker that he never could be, I miss him dearly. Thank God for modern medicine and your dad’s ability to persevere. I wish him and your entire family the very best. You’ve experienced a great mitzvah and I could not be more pleased for you and your family, your dad especially!

    Mike Krauss, Woodmont

  4. sherm says:

    God Bless Uncle Harold and the whole Fox Family. Please keep taking care of each other, as you’ve been doing. We love you all.
    The Levy’s (Sherm and Zel)
    The Gorman’s (Tracy, Rob, Joshua and Emma)
    The Sidito’s (Robyn, Adisyn and Jordyn-[bynsyndyn])
    The Cohen’s (Mark, Lisa and Michael)
    The Almany (Dani)

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