From Las Vegas

looking north from the rio las vegas

Not a good poker trip for me. Helaine much better.

We drove here from Orange County. It took around four hours for the 260 miles. There was traffic all the way. I-15 needs more lanes. I shudder to think what construction would bring.

Last night we took a drive down the Strip. With the top down (a rare honor accorded by Helaine) we drove north on Las Vegas Boulevard. Caesar’s, Mirage, Treasure Island on the left. On the right The Linq, Harrahs, Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn and Encore.

The real estate gets cheaper as you head toward Downtown. Downtown is the Vegas of Elvis movies. It’s where you can still find neon.

We drove as far as the Stratosphere, made a u-turn and headed back. The neighborhood around the Stratosphere is very sad. Drunk, stoned, just out-of-it people walking as best they could. It’s like the waiting room for hell.

It’s not often I top off the tank, but we’re heading home soon. Nine gallons.

The top’s back up. The car is parked.

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  1. Barb B says:

    The old Strip is what I remember—just not as you describe it now. But then, the Main Streets of our little towns and villages here in the East aren’t what they were when we were kids,either. Only New Haven basically looks the same in the vicinity of Yale Univ. and Chapel St, Whalley Ave. Chapel St has been able to keep the smaller stores going. Las Vegas used to be one of the safest places to be when walking about at night–even though it was called “Sin City” even back then (the 1960;s)

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