Don’t Take Away The Wrong Thing From Istanbul

What happened today in Istanbul is horrific. Inexcusable.

Technology has brought us into the action. We see what’s happening live. More impact.

Don’t lose perspective. I cannot remember a time without terrorism. Seriously. It’s no worse now than forever.

The world is not exploding any more than it’s exploded in the past.

Don’t believe me? Choose a year and enter something like, “terrorism 1971,” in Google. Click on the Wikipedia result. There are no quiet years. None.

Our own Congress was shot up in the 50s by Puerto Rican Nationalists. In the sixties radicals from the far left brought us domestic terrorism. We’ve had it from the radical right more recently.

Terrorism is a tool only used by people who know they can’t win. Small consolation.

My father reminded me information was harder to come by two generations back. It wasn’t until WW2 that he remembers radio “News on the Hour.” Until then one newscast a day.

It is very difficult to stop anyone who already plans on dying today.

Very sad.

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  1. Shirl says:

    That’s a very good point that we all tend to forget as we get bombarded 24/7 with news. I think it also applies to many other things such as abductions, assaults, etc. They always happened, we just didn’t hear about it. This is one part of technology that I think I could live with a little less of!

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