Getting “That” Call

I walked into my boss’s open office Wednesday afternoon for some quick kibbitzing, but before we could get very far, my cellphone rang. Wisconsin on the caller ID – area code 262. I thought it was our weather equipment vendor. Instead, it was my sister.

“Is everything alright?” That was my first question to her, because I could sense something was wrong as soon as she said hello.

She had just been on the phone with my folks. My dad was back from the doctor (an almost daily occurrence in Florida senior life). He’s got an arterial blockage. The doctor wants to perform an angiogram sooner, rather than later.

It’s been almost twenty years since my dad had an angiogram and then bypass surgery. That was a tough recovery. We’re hoping an angioplasty can do the trick this time. That’s much less invasive.

My mom sounded concerned when I spoke to her. Of course she was. Who can blame her? So much of their lives revolve around each other. They are nearly constant companions as they head toward their 60th anniversary.

It didn’t take more than a few seconds for me to decide I needed to be there. So, reservations have been made, coverage at work has been rounded up and I head to Florida on Monday.

There’s every indication that this will be a routine procedure. But, of course we all worry. How can you not?