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It’s Sunday In Santa Barbara

Monday, May 31st, 2010

We’d never been to Santa Barbara before so we’d only planned a short trip. We drove up Saturday evening and leave Monday morning.

It’s been a great place to visit.

Helaine read about the Arts and Crafts Show on the waterfront. We went there first. Nothing to buy, but lots to see. There were lots of sellers representing many styles in a variety of media.

A few photographers were exhibiting. Here’s my read: each has two or three ‘evergreens’ which drive their sales. The other shots are to avoid the embarrassment of only showing a handful of pics. Many of the photos are oversatured, meaning the colors are way too intense. Does that make the shot more impressive? Who am I to judge… though I will.

We left the artists and spent some time walking on Stearns Wharf which is the focal point of the waterfront. If you park on the wharf, and we did, you drive its length on a wooden plank roadway. The speed limit is 10 mph, but I thought that was a little fast for conditions!

We also hit State Street which is the main drag downtown. State Street is very reminiscent of Worth Avenue on Palm Beach (another place where I can afford to buy nothing). It was packed with a sedate and very well behaved crowd.

My friend L.A. friend Larry who goes here all the time just sent an email with his read on Santa Barbara:

It’s easy to see why Santa Barbara is an insanely expensive place to live — who wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time there?

Instead of writing too much I’ll let my pictures do the talking. Click any photo to get a larger view.