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A Visit To Thirteen

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Do you know T.J. Lubinsky? He produces the ‘original artists’ pop music shows that help public TV stations make some money to stay on-the-air. He’s the King of PBS pledge break specials. He was in New York City Saturday night which means my secret friend from the San Fernando Valley (who works for T.J.) was in too!

They were at Thirteen–the mothership of public television. Thirteen (actually WNET-TV) maintains two studios in a small space next to Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center. It’s so small the control room is in another building farther downtown!

The exterior walls are glass which allows the city to be incorporated into camera shots if desired. It also lets some city noise in, though I consider that a fair price.

TJ and Cousin Brucie were hosting the breaks in the music special where Thirteen asks for money. There were guests including Barbara Feldon, Mickey Dolenz and Denise Richardson.

“Would I bring my camera,” my normally camera shy west coaster asked?

Seriously, this is like a disease with me. When someone encourages me to take more pictures I froth at the mouth.

Everyone who had their picture taken wanted their picture taken. The lighting was mostly very good. The people working there were exceptionally cooperative.

In case you’re wondering Mickey Dolenz and Barbara Feldon were as nice as could be. She still has that amazing voice. It hasn’t changed.

I first met Brucie in 1967. I vividly remember the day. I got to tell him he was very nice to me back then. He seemed glad to hear that.

He has to be older than he looks or acts.

I have a list of people who’d like photos from my visit. Coming.