Nearing Six Months In SoCal

We’re coming up on six months in SoCal. This six months has gone much faster than the six that preceded it. Living with one foot out the door, unable to make long term commitments, knowing we were going, was difficult.

People say moving is stressful. It is. No one does this for fun. There are advantages living in one place an extended length of time. Reestablishing a routine is tough.

I had to go to Santa Ana this afternoon. About 20 minutes away.

It was someplace new, but landmarks looked familiar. Some, like the Orange County Register’s building, I’d only seen from the freeway. I hardly needed the GPS on the way back.

So many things to learn. Where are the light switches in the dark? Who’s got good pizza (not easy here)? We must find a dentist.

We have no wired telephone. Contemporaries ask about that, wondering if it’s a switch they should make. Probably.

Does AT&T have a cell plan where I could add a second number to my HTC One? That would be great. I don’t want to give up my 203 number.

Do I need 949?

Does anyone care anymore?

Nothing Is Easy… Ever

My tooth that suffered the indignity of root canal last week developed an abscess yesterday. It began to hurt last night. By this morning it was nearly unbearable.

I left a message on my dentist’s machine at 7:00 AM. If you know me, you know 7:00 AM means I’m serious!

Long story short, I saw my dentist and he fixed the problem. This sort of stuff happens.

I left with my pain greatly relieved, clutching a prescription for amoxicillin. I went to fill it tonight in Hartford.

I drove to a Rite Aid near the station and handed the white coated guy behind the counter my prescription, printed on 8.5′ by 11″ paper and signed by my dentist.

“Are they still open,” the pharmacist asked? He wanted to call and verify the prescription was legit. My dentist had long since gone home.

“Is there a big problem with amoxicillin abusers,” I replied.

Behind the counter someone older and wiser intervened. Prescription filled. Problem solved.

Wearing The Contacts At Work

Unfortunately when I looked in the little case where they ‘live’ the left lens had escaped!

“Adorable,” said my wife. “You look marvelous,” chimed the guy responsible for me getting hired to host “Inside Space” on SciFi. “You are squinting Geoff, put on the glasses, you look better and more trustworthy,” was the word from a Facebook friend¹. They were all commenting about tonight’s test run in contact lenses. It went reasonably well.

That is the glassless me on the left. Alas, I have my father’s tiny eyes and it always looks like I’m squinting.

The lenses have been on-and-off twice today. I am getting used to sticking my finger on my eyeball. That’s gross just to say. Both lenses stung for the first 30 seconds or so but were fine after that.

I had to work tonight, covering for a colleague whose furnace started a small fire that filled his downstairs with smoke. No injuries. Hopefully no lasting damage.

It is an awful night following an awful day with enough rain to bring flood warnings and enough wind to knock down power lines and trees.

On the drive in what was noticed at home became more obvious. My distance vision is not as good as it was with glasses. I can still see well enough to drive but signs and other objects aren’t nearly as clear.

The “Fitting Guide” for the lenses, instructions for my eye doctor, have instructions to work around this problem. I’d like to try.

My plan was to take the contacts out as soon as I got home which I did easily. Unfortunately when I looked in the little case where they ‘live’ the left lens had escaped! About ten minutes later I located it on the floor. If these things are going to last for three months holding onto them will be critical.

The real question will be how this looks at work and whether viewers accept it or even care.

¹ – Let’s just think of this guy as dentist number five. The dentist who doesn’t recommend Trident to his patients who chew gum.

Dentistry On Vacation

“I can’t believe you’re on vacation again.” That was my boss speaking to me Friday. I’m with him

“I can’t believe you’re on vacation again.” That was my boss speaking to me Friday. I’m with him.

After a week and a half off and three days on I’m off again this week!

The real culprit is longevity. With 25 years in I get four weeks of vacation, two more for working holidays, and a few scattered here and there for times I’m asked to fill-in on weekends or odd hours.

dentist office tools-w250-h185.jpgStill, God has ways of evening things out. He hit me in my weakest spot–my teeth!

I went to bed a little sensitive but woke up at the George Clooney level of sensitivity. By 9:00 AM I was on-the-phone to the dentist and in the chair around 3:00 PM.

You can’t call out sick while on vacation. Life goes on. I am typing with one hand while holding an ice pack with the other.

The problem isn’t a recent root canal but the bite that was left. One point was too high. Every time I bit down there was minor trauma. I felt nothing but the tooth was keeping score.

Alas, it’s all cumulative. Last night the tooth said “enough.”

The work took a few minutes. Bill, my dentist, says I should be fine in a few days. Hopefully he’s right as always.

Helaine and I are heading to New York City tomorrow for a quick visit. Even in NYC walking around with an ice pack stands out.

It’s Like Jet Lag

I feel like I’ve been rolled on the ground and kicked a little.

I slept a little between last night’s late news and today’s 5:00 AM. I slept a little more between the end of the early news at 8:00 AM and noon. I slept again after seeing the dentist at 1:00 PM.

I feel like I’ve been rolled on the ground and kicked a few times. My eyes are stinging. My mouth tastes like I’ve been chewing on socks. I might not be tired, but I’m exhausted.

Before I left work for the last time today someone commenting, “You’ve got a long weekend now.” Yeah–in the abstract. In reality this is wasted time.

I’m not an expert, but I know the experience. It feels like jet lag.

TV’s pretty glamorous isn’t it?

I Can’t Handle The Tooth

Parts of my mouth were immovable objects! I looked like a stroke victim. I could drink, but only if I was willing to wear the drink as it dribbled toward my chin.

My plan for today was to write about the new PC which is up and running.

Nope. Bigger fish to fry.

Today was my follow-up from last week’s journey into endodontics–Root Canal II.

I have been through this procedure before and yet I fooled myself into thinking this was some sort of “turn your head to the left and cough” type of event. Nope.

Dr. Cha had to open the tooth and head back in. Gas first (my sixties simulator) and then two injections.

If I could just relax as he did that!

Oh, who am I kidding. I tightened like a clam. My fingers and toes curled inward in an uncontrollable reflex.

When he went to inject me again I asked if, maybe, he could work with just those first two shots. Again, who am I kidding? By this time my gums were totally dead to the world and there was no additional discomfort.

Though going to the dentist is never fun (sorry guys) at least Bruce is good company. We talked about Korea and his family’s escape from the north. We talked about baseball. We talked about my teeth as I watched him work via the monitor on the ceiling. I like that he answers technical questions with technical answers. I am always curious–even about what’s happening to my teeth!

As I left the office I realized I had to work on-the-air. Parts of my mouth were immovable objects! I looked like a stroke victim. I could drink, but only if I was willing to wear the drink as it dribbled toward my chin.

I arrived at work and found Dr. Mel still there because of heavy rain and the chance for strong thunderstorms. He sat for some on-air teases until I began to feel the tingling that signifies the shots are wearing off.

After the first part of the root canal I needed ice for nearly a week. Hopefully this pain will be much more short lived.

In the meantime here’s to Advil and ice. They’re what keeps me going.