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Happy Anniversary To This

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Six years ago today, July 4, 2003, this blog first appeared. With the help of Peter Sachs (oh, hell, Peter did it all) an early version of Movable Type was loaded on a Hostforweb server and off we went. This blog replaced my rather unstructured ‘last century’ website.

We are now 3604 entries, 5074 comments and nearly 2-million page reads later!

Those numbers are staggering to me. In the history of the world how many others have gotten the opportunity to make so many impressions? I appreciate every page read and every comment.

The last time I missed a day was a few years ago when I was on-the-road and really sick. I couldn’t lift my head much less write in the blog.

Writing this blog has made me a better writer. More importantly I’ve learned to enjoy writing–or more accurately enjoy rewriting. As I’ve said more than once, rewriting is where it all comes together. That was a major discovery.

The blog has forced me to be a disciplined writer. I force myself to write daily. As a mainly unstructured person that discipline might be the most surprising part of blogging.