Las Vegas Weather

Almost forgot that this link gets you current Las Vegas weather conditions. It’s midnight and we’re at 92 degrees!

You can’t lose if you don’t play!

Today’s poker tournament at The Mirage paid $3,009! I know that because I heard it over the PA system. I was long gone very early.

First, let’s go back to the afternoon. I spent a decent part of the afternoon taking and looking at photos, reading my book and napping. Napping is a good thing. I am a proficient napper and can easily recharge with 15 minutes or a half hour. I know I’m lucky in that regard.

We took an early dinner and went to California Pizza Kitchen. CPK is in a very interesting location, right in the middle of the casino with the Sports Book on one side and slot machines all around. Between the TV’s at CPK and those in the Sports Book there were at least a half dozen ways to watch the “wheels come of the wagon” as the Phillies got shelled by the Expos.

Helaine had a pasta dish and I had Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza. Very good. Very spicy. Desert wasn’t bad either. A chocolate souffle for me and Key Lime Pie for Helaine (her favorite).

While we were waiting for the meal to come, I walked over to the Poker Room and registered (paid) to enter the Hold’em poker tournament, scheduled for 7:00 pm. It cost $60 to enter with a $40 re-buy and $40 add in. You spend $140, of which $120 goes to the prize pool. With 72 players 9 would come home with cash.

I drew table 1 seat 9, on the edge (my least favorite spot). The dealer gave everyone $500 in no value tourney chips. It looked like 6 of the 10 at my table were locals. They live off fish like me coming in for a week or two and playing like tourists. I know that going in. I’m good, but not as good as they are. But, I am also good enough to feed off some of the other fish.

Poker is a game of luck and skill. Over the short term, luck is power. Over the long term, skill wins out. This is not like playing slots or blackjack. You can’t play stupid and win over the long term. But, I’d rather be lucky than skillful

A tounament is a short term event and luck plays a large factor early on. I went over an hour before I won a hand, and then it was only $15… the minimum possible. I had 2-7 off suit (the poorest hand you can get) more than once. When I saw an ace, it was accompanied by a 6 or 7 of a different color.

I was the third tapped out at my table. Very, very early.

I didn’t play poorly. I just didn’t play. I slowly bled to death, killed by blinds or hands I limped in on.

Helaine and I decided to take a walk toward Bellagio. Even after 9:00 pm it’s hot (100+ degrees), but it’s comfortably hot. The only time it gets to you is when you’re close to the street and feel the heat from the stopped cars.

Monday in Las Vegas. No clouds. No humidity.

Helaine was up early for Vegas, late for her. She took a shower and got dressed first. I am much less driven and much more leisurely.

She headed down to play “I Dream of Jeannie” slots while I dressed. It is a nickle slot machine in much the same way that you can fill your gas tank for $1.59.

Here’s what I found out about my Cingular Preferred Nation plan (and what I had already known). Niether the caller ID nor the voicemail indicator work in Las Vegas. What I already knew was, when Cingular is using AT&T’s towers, as they do for my TDMA type service here in Las Vegas, the phone incorrectly reads Cingular Extened which should mean $.79/min, but doesn’t).

The fact that they continue to advertise this plan but can’t in reality supply what they promise, and what their brochures tell you to look for, is wrong. This is not a recent occurence. I’ve had this plan the better part of a year, and it just doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

We had some weird problems with our room safe. We locked it, checked it, and came back to find it open! I think something we had in there was getting in the way of the bolt. Who know. It seems OK now.

There are probably more photos taken on the walkway between The Mirage lobby and casino than any other 100 foot strip of land in the world. It’s because of views like this.

Helaine went to get a Player’s Club card for me and mistakenly left her credit card. By the time it was discovered, Mirage had sent it to “Security” for safe keeping. When Helaine went to retireve it, she got a ‘tour’ of the security area, including watching what looked like the duplicating of “wanted” posters.

We had breakfast at The Caribe Cafe. Very nice, as always. Helaine had gotten a week long line pass and we went right in. It looked like the regular line was 20 minutes or so. Pancakes and coffe for me, eggs for her. This is a Vegas coffee shop, which like a Jersey diner is a well defined and normally dependably good thing.

After breakfast, while Helaine retrieved her credit card, I went to double check the room safe. We met outside, next to the tigers. Then as Helaine went to The Forum Shops (yes Steffie, you already have something coming home) I sat and played poker.

Last night is was a $3/6 table. Today I tried $6/12. Mostly I was satisfied with my play but lost two big and difficult hands, ending up losing around $90. At a table of ten, I would suppose 5 were locals, playing to kill time or make a living.

Playing for a few hours, or more, and the difference between winning and losing is often just one hand. Poker players remember their lost hands… their bad beats… much more than their big wins.

Later tonight I plan on entering The Mirage Hold’em Poker Tournament. Last night the big winner walked away with $6,000+

Getting to Las Vegas

OK. A little breathing room and time to write. Considering this is a luxury hotel in the year 2003, I am astounded The Mirage (nor almost any other hotel in Las Vegas) doesn’t have high speed Internet access. I understand the reasoning, but can’t understand how no one has tried to gain this competitive advantage. As soon as one hotel gets high speed access, it will open a flood gate. So, I’m composing this off line and then will upload it. It’s not a big deal.

I can’t remember how many years we’ve been taking a summer vacation in Las Vegas. It’s more than 5 less than 10. We have stayed at The Mirage almost exclusively (early on we had stayed at Harrahs, last year a few days at Bellagio). The hot temperatures, averaging around 110F aren’t too bad. We do most of our real walking at night.

We’ve been saving USAirways miles to do this, charging everything from groceries to Steffie’s tuition! We had enough miles to fly First Class. This will probably be the last time because we’ve switched our credit card allegiance to Southwest, which has no first class, but gives trips with with less restrictions and lower mileage requirements.

The flights were fine. Helaine got us to the airport a few hours early and there was no hassle at security. She didn’t even have to remove her shoes (a recent history first).

Our first flight was Hartford to Philadelphia. As the plane approached the highest deck of clouds, there was a layer of haze. Probably an upper inversion there trapping some pollutants. Other than that, the sky was very nice and it was hot without haze at ground level.

The flight attendant announced our gate and the gates for continuing flights and we were literally across the hall. Of course we didn’t land at the gate that had been announced. We weren’t even on the same concourse! It was a schlep.

The flight to Las Vegas, on a 757, boarded on-time but left a half hour late. Lots of runway congestion and thunderstorms in the area. The back of the plane was full, First Class was nearly empty. That’s unusual in this day and age.

We briefly met a Connecticut couple, Darren and Michele, who were on their way to Vegas to get married (Bellagio, at the “Julia Roberts” stairs, reception in the Penthouse, 33 guests). We asked Gillian, the flight attendant (whose husband was the captain on the flight… how weird), if they were moving people up to first, would they move the pre-newlyweds? She said that had already been aranged, and a few minutes later they walked up.

We got to Las Vegas a bit after sunset. I had always wanted to fly in after dark and we sat on the right side of the plane hoping for a view. The hotels were there, but it wasn’t what I had pictured the view would be. Disappointment.

Bags came quickly on Carousel 13 and we were off to Dollar Car Rental. I have their Fast Pass, which costs nothing and really speeds up rentals, even if you only do it once or twice a year. Unfortunately, the price on the contract was not the price Helaine had printed from the confirmation. This happens every time and it’s never in our favor. It’s dificult to believe this is just bad luck. Though the rep wanted us to walk in and fix it, I figured it would happen quicker if we sat in the car blocking everyone else from getting out… and I was right. It was solved in 2-3 minutes.

As I mentioned earlier, we drove down Las Vegas Boulevard through pretty stiff traffic. But, how can you come to Las Vegas and not make that trip. Helaine said MGM looked bare without the Rick Springfield/EFX sign. She is a major Springfield fan. Maybe major doesn’t really capture her fervor.

There’s contruction going on at Caesers and it spoils the view as you approach The Mirage. It certainly isn’t very pretty as you walk by Caesers. I amamazed there is still room in front of the hotel to build. It boggles the mind to think how far set back this hotel originally was, back when I first came in 1975.

Traffic was bad enough that we saw two cops stop a car… and the cops were riding bikes!

Helaine had been comped to our week here, so she went to reception and the nice young (pretty) woman behind he counter said she had upgraded the room. We were on a floor without a number, just a letter, “B.” Truth is, it’s a very nice, though regular room. By naming a few floors by letter instead of number they have been given a special cache. They seem more special. But, they’re just like ther rooms below (which again, is very nice).

Our view is directly across the strip toward Harrahs, The Venetian and the new Steve Wynn hotel. We can see the volcano. Helaine watched a plane fly ‘through’ The Venetian.

I went downstairs to play poker.

I have been practicing using a computer program. Unlike the other games, poker pits you against others, and so you hope there are enough drugged out, drunk, out-of-towners, who think this is like the game they used to play in college. I played a fwe hours and lost three bucks. OK, I tipped the waitress and the dealer, so my gross was positive, but it was a net loss in my pocket.

I’m feeling more confident as a player. Poker is a game is restraint and reserve. These are not my strongest points. But, I’m practicing and trying hard.

Helaine played blackjack. She was with a nice Asian woman and a somewhat obnoxious man. He was bleeding money and playing stupid. Helaine thinks what other players do affect her… but she’s wrong. Mathematically each new card is just another random chance. But, I can’t convince her of that, hard as I try.

By 4:00 AM EDT (1:00 AM PDT) I was bushed and we went to bed.

By the way – – – I started “Live From New York” on the plane. It’s a really well done compilation of interviews with people involved with Saturday Night Live. Fascinating. A really compelling read and tough to put down. It might be over before the trip home begins.

Las Vegas – the journey

Just got in, so this will be brief (more details later). Flights were fine. Got into LAS about 20 minutes late and there was another plane using our gate (bastards). Dollar Car Rental screwed up our reservation… wrong price. Unbelievable how these random errors are NEVER in my favor. Got it fixed and drove through awful traffic to the Mirage. Could have taken Koval but we wanted to take in the Strip.

I love this place.

Dinner at Chili’s

We all (Helaine, and my folks) picked up Steffie in the Camry and Steffie drove us to Chili’s. I’m not sure who was more petirified, Steffie or Helaine. Stef did a great job though very self concious.