I’m Happy He’s Here

dad and dog

Friday and all is well. My dad has settled in to life in Orange County. It agrees with him.

Today was rainy, then chilly. We only walked once. Same distance as yesterday, but harder for dad today. Progress is never smooth.

My dad is getting along with Doppler. She is very low maintenance, quite content to be quite content. Perfect. They’re on the couch.

Helaine is away for the evening. I served leftovers. We ate like lumberjacks, probably not a good idea when you’re active like accountants.

We were thinking of going to see UC Irvine play basketball tomorrow night. We know nothing of the team. We just want to go.

I told my father I am happy he’s here. He agreed.

Rain For SoCal, Again


Helaine saw the hashtag #stormageddon touted on TV a few minutes ago. SoCal is bracing… again. Is there some weird secret competition with the East on weather?

“Yeah… well… rain!”

Actually this storm looks very un-SoCalish. The radar from Vandenberg AFB shows a squall line out front. The HRRR agrees. The squalls remain intact as the line slides down the coast. Embedded thunderstorms are entirely possible.

We’ll have rain most of the day Friday though the bulk falls between 4-7 AM. We’re right on the 3-hour flash flood line, again. I expect some flooding. Homes in burn areas will be threatened by mudslides. A few inches of rain probable through this region.

wind15min_t410m_f0945The heaviest wind comes with the heaviest of the rain. Winds will gust out of the south. The wind map to the left highlights the higher ground where winds will be strongest.

If there’s snow for our two nearby tall peaks it will happen late in the storm. My second winter and no white so far.

Father north, San Francisco proper has gotten 2-4″ of rain with some windward mountainsides getting over 7″.

So far, this is the awful winter everyone was praying for!

My New On-Site Playmate


My dad is here. I’ve gained an on-site father and a playmate! Good for me.

I was worried about tiring him out. Maybe that worry is misplaced? I’m bushed.

We’ve walked multiple times per day. Yesterday, one of his jaunts was a quarter mile.

I didn’t measure today’s, but it was farther. A step at a time. More importantly, he is enthused.

There was a package to be picked at NBC yesterday. He rode shotgun as we headed to Universal City and back. Good company.

This afternoon my dad met the neighbors. I volunteered to take their Christmas card family photo. He likes little kids and John and Veronica’s three are amazing.

The photo shoot itself took a few minutes. Then we schmoozed.

This evening my dad and I headed to Laguna Beach for sunset. It was cloudy, but there’s always natural beauty at the beach. We both agreed my mom would have enjoyed the artsy feel and beautiful setting that’s Laguna Beach.

He has been cooped up too much. He really needs to get out. This is good.





Porky’s Railroad


I just finished watching “Porky’s Railroad,” a 1938 Looney Tunes classic.

Why did I watch it? Because, Internet.

Sequence 01.Still001There’s a scene in the movie where a railroad telegrapher is sending a message in Morse Code… which I can copy. Landline guys wouldn’t have used the Morse variant I understood, but this was obviously being sent by a radio guy. I pulled out a pad and rewound.


QST and QSL are telegrapher’s abbreviations. QST originally meant calling all stations. QST was in 1938 and is still the name of the ham radio magazine of record. QSL asks for verification of reception. Leon Schlesinger was the producer. The rest is obvious.

The code was very rough and ‘sparky,’ which even by 1938 was disappearing from real radio communications.

This is really obscure. I wonder if I’m the first to discover it?

The Houseguest


My dad slept well last night. That’s a good thing. He was already downstairs when I woke up.

We walked this morning. Perfect day. Sun filtered by high, thin cirrus, with a few contrails thrown in for good measure. Temps in the mid-70s.

We didn’t go far–down my block then across the next street to sit on a bench near a neighborhood basketball court. Then we walked home.

Later this afternoon we walked again, a little farther. “I feel better this time,” he said. Not so fast, Harold.

Yes, he’s 89, but my dad’s level of physical activity has been near zero. Change should come quickly. Soreness too.

Meanwhile, I’m on my way to Burbank tomorrow and he’ll be riding shotgun. Two days in California and he’s already unlocking the HOV lane for me.

Shhhhh… He’s Asleep

Really? Seriously? The 89 year old guy in the chair who didn’t expect to get off the plane? Do you need a Director of Common Sense?

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Here Comes The Grand Poobah

Helaine is shopping. She has time for shopping because she’s already baked. She is in catering mode. She is driven. She can’t not give 100%. My father would like to lose weight. He’s coming to the wrong place. We’re in the last 23 hours. I’ve vacuumed the sofa on the patio then Windexed the table […]

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I Love Time Lapse

The sky was actually quite dull and featureless. It’s only when in motion this way that you see two opposing layers of clouds and all sorts of action.

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Direct From The Five

I was on the Five long enough to immortalize it in video!

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Geoffrey, I’m Doing Something I’ve Never Done Before

“Worst comes to worst you’ve got Costco,” he assured me.

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