Home From The Desert


Home. 105 miles. 90 minutes. Top down. Heat on. Radio blasting. Stars blazing.

Through the Coachella Valley, then up through mountain passes, high desert and into the Inland Empire. From there, one more twisting pass and down to Irvine.

Fewer trucks this week than last. Does Martin Luther King Day, Monday, have anything to do with it?

Most of the trip is very easy. CA 60 through a twisting mountain pass with two lanes each way and no shoulders, is not. Too much traffic at too many different speeds.

Now, to bed.

I Am The Hunter Gatherer

Palm Springs, week two, night four.

I’m not complaining. It’s spectacular here. And there’s the weather, itself spectacular. Afternoon highs have been in the mid-70s under relentless sunshine.

Trouble is I’m ill suited for the bachelor life.

I’m living in a hotel with a fridge. Helaine sent me with vittles for the first two days. Beyond that, on my own.

You probably didn’t know me as a bachelor. That was nearly forty pounds ago! I didn’t keep my kitchen stocked. My skills haven’t improved with time.

rsz_imag2130I’ve already hit Von’s and Whole Foods. Tonight it was Trader Joe’s turn.

I was no more than fifteen feet inside the store before I pulled out my phone and called Helaine.


I described what was on the shelves before me. “You’re in the wrong place,” she said before steering me to a refrigerated case of prepared foods.

My dinner was Fusilli with Vegetables and Basil Pesto. Five minutes under intense nuclear power and it was ready to eat. Actually, it was pretty good and reasonably healthy.

rsz_imag2132My side dish was a Caesar Salad… or more accurately, a Caesar Salad kit! The croutons, Parmesan and dressing were in individual hermetically sealed pouches.

Hunger abated! Still, there’s one more night before I return to Irvine. I’ll have to do this again tomorrow.

I’m “bach-ing” it next week too. My home studio isn’t complete. There’s gear still to come. A Bachelor Geoff encore!

I am helpless and hopeless. In other words, a guy.

I’m Not A Shopper

I can’t speak for all guys, but I’m sure it’s most. We don’t like to shop! I was reminded of that tonight because I went shopping.

Let me backtrack a second. I’m living in a hotel Monday through Friday while my studio is constructed (mostly waiting for gear to arrive). I packed light. Just suits, shirts, shoes. Nothing casual and no backups.

This afternoon I noticed the sole was separating from my right shoe!

phpkhGrAQPMTonight it was the Westfield Palm Desert Mall for footwear. There’s a Payless visible as you walk in.

One pair. They fit. I bought. Simple. I was in-and-out of the mall in five minutes!

Someone bring smelling salts to my daughter. That last paragraph probably caused her to faint.

phpWNoWHRPMNext stop Whole Foods. It was obvious I was out of my element. Chris, wearing an apron and standing next to a large refrigerated case, looked at me and asked if he could help.

“Dinner,” I said.

Chris took pity. I left the store with shrimp sushi and a “Mango Tango” smoothie.

My entire shopping spree was over in under a half hour. It was hell on Earth. I’m not built for shopping.

When TV Asks For Your Help

dish fox oreilly

​With carriage battles between TV stations/networks and cable/satellite distributors becoming more vicious, viewers are being called upon to help save their favorite stations/networks.

In the abstract that seems fine. However, after CBS enlisted their viewers help against DISH, they then negotiated a partial neutering of Dish’s Hopper feature. Hopper allows viewers who record shows to skip the commercials.

From the NY Times December 6: ​”​As part of the agreement, people will not be able to skip commercials with the Hopper service for CBS-owned network stations and affiliates for the first seven days after a program is televised. Television networks have been pushing advertisers to buy commercial time based on ratings from that seven-day period.​”​

Would viewers have supported CBS had they known this is how their support would be used? Did CBS have an obligation to tell the viewers this was their agenda?

Fox is currently in a similar dispute with DISH. During this weekend’s NFL playoffs I watched Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly asking for support for Fox News Channel, accusing DISH of “censoring​” FNC.

My (rhetorical) question to them is, are you ​too ​asking your viewers to help you achieve something that’s not in those viewers best interests?​ Will your viewers support cost those same viewers cash, convenience or access to technology?

Is censorship really the sticking point in this business dispute?

The Longer Way To Work

Google Location history



My route to work is simple. Well, usually it’s simple. Not today.

I was on the phone with my friend Barry Schulman, chatting and enjoying the ride. I was looking at traffic, but not paying a lot of attention to navigating. Then I passed the sign that said I was entering San Diego County. That’s not right.

Somehow I’d gotten off CA91 and onto I-15. I was making good time, just not in the right direction.

DCIM101MEDIAThe GPS, not turned on until now, pointed the way through desert and chaparral via CA371 and CA74 (aka the “Pines to Palms Highway”). These were two lane roads through the wilderness. I passed three Indian Reservations, a handful of ranches and one outcropping with horse sculptures.

_MG_9693My 1:40 trip took an extra hour!

There is good news. Within 10 miles of Palm Desert is Vista Point. You’re high above the Coachella Valley with a spectacular view of the Palm Springs region and the hairpin of a road I was on.

Expect The Unexpected

If my life was a reality show, this would be the dilemma as they break for commercial.

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It’s Starting To Look Like A Studio

“Take Doppler to piddle, but stop in the garage before you come upstairs.” Helaine wanted me to see what she’d accomplished while I was gone. Holy crap. It’s a studio! It took lots of work on her part preparing and painting the wall. The electrician removed an outlet right in the middle. Helaine patched and […]

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Eating On The Road

I’ve been living in a hotel the past week. I’m home tonight but back in the hotel next week. It’s a very nice hotel. Accommodations were great. It’s not home. It’s just not. Helaine sent me on my way with bagels, bananas and a huge container of fresh fruit salad. That helped. It’s not home […]

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About Charlie Hebdo, Briefly

If an American magazine made similar ‘jokes’ about Jews or Christians or black people we’d be up in arms. However, in a free society we allow people to say stupid and hurtful things. I like it that way.

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Me And My Green Wall

The taped box on the floor is where I would stand if I didn’t pace back-and-forth toward the camera. The fact I touch the wall has driven many engineers and directors a little crazy.

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