Lost Jobs And Airplane Mechanics


I was talking about the airplane portion of our trip to Vegas with a friend this afternoon. I told him how much we like Southwest, though it upsets me much of their major maintenance is done in El Salvador.

They are not alone. Choose a US carrier and you’re more likely to not find their planes serviced in Central America or China.

I don’t know if this affects safety in the air. Offshored mechanics aren’t certified the same way. Many don’t speak English — the language of the service manuals.

Thousand of really good America jobs have vanished –poof–. That part affects us all even if you never fly.

This is a 100% economic issue for the airlines. There is no other advantage. My suspicion is the benefit to the airline doesn’t come close to offsetting the loss to their former employees.

Everyone talks about bringing back jobs. This is the perfect place to start. These are companies that can’t move their actual business offshore. Watcha gonna do Hillary or Donald or whoever gets to lead our nation? Watcha gonna do?

Why is there no penalty for this? No disincentive?

Why would we as a nation allow our well paid and highly skilled airplane mechanics to be replaced by foreign workers making a fraction of the money. How does this possibly benefit America?

Someone should ask all the candidates. If they can’t fix this they can’t fix anything.

When Things Go Poof

IMAG0617Things have gotten back to normal here in the TV garage. One night during a session for Nebraska a piece of equipment ‘poofed’! The replacement I borrowed the next day ‘poofed’ too.

Oy! Emotional wreck. A lot of people came through for me–especially H.

My work is spread across a bunch of computers. The data is only useful for minutes or hours. I didn’t lose a lot. I did have to rebuild the macros which run the shows. That actually turned into a good thing.

Macros are short programs which tell my TriCaster switcher what to do. Each time I push a button, the TriCaster performs one or more tasks specified in a macro. This is how I direct while I’m on-the-air, macros.

I have a lot more experience now, so these new ones are written smarter. It’s easier to load a show. Complex setups are gone. Things flow better. Resets are quicker. Fewer mistakes. A lot more ‘take ones!’

This is a big deal. It pays off in the most valuable commodity there is, time.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t worth what I went through.

He Said What?

donald trump president   Google Search

I’ve been out of the loop, so pardon me if this is old news (it moves so swiftly). Donald Trump said if he doesn’t get the nomination, “I think you would see problems like you’ve never seen before. I think bad things would happen. I really do. I wouldn’t lead it, but I think bad things would happen,”

How is that any different from, “You wouldn’t want to see anything happen to your store?”

Seriously, to my friends who support this man, please reach deep inside for a moment. I know you’ve seen him lie, make crap up on the spot, say one thing and then the opposite or just deny what happened happened. It’s got to make you at least a little uneasy.

Those protesters shouldn’t have gone inside Trump’s event in Chicago, but protesters heckle every candidate. It’s only with Trump where it leads to confrontation and physical violence.

The rest of us are scared sh**less. We really are.

We know you mean well. We’ve all been screwed over the last 25 years. But Trump is one of those doing the screwing.

It was he who brought in Polish workers to build his buildings and whose products were made in China. It was Trump who used H1-B visa’s to get foreign waitstaff at his resorts. He said American workers earn too much. Do you?

And, of course, Trump University.

Do you really want to trust him with our country?

Too Little Privacy

I’m in the midst of reading on article on encryption and the government’s want to break WhatsApp’s. This is in addition to the outstanding orders to Apple.

If I’m being tinfoil hat crazy, call me out. This continues to creep me out.

We all need privacy. If you’re reading this you already have none.

I use Chrome, so Google knows pretty much all there is to know about me. They’re watching me type these letters.

For their convenience (and mine) Google knows it’s me on a number of different computers, phones and tablets. What exactly don’t they know! Everything I search for. Everything I read. My calendar and email and voice message. The NSA is probably jealous.

The utility Google provides in return is unbelievable, but we are trusting them with our deepest, darkest secrets. Unlike the iPhone or WhatsApp situation, what Google’s got is encrypted, but Google’s got the key. They can (and probably do) provide user secrets to the government.

We are told our data is anonymous, but it’s super easy to use just a few pieces to figure out who you are. Your name isn’t what these companies care about anyway.

At the very least we should be know the categories Google and other data aggregators put us in. As with credit reports we’re owed ways of eliminating erroneous data.

A case can be made Google’s ease of isolating consumers categorically makes discrimination easy and easier to hide. Additional disclosures should be required for all data brokers.

Our every move is being followed and evaluated. It is part of 21st Century life and it’s already gone too far.

I Was Wrong


We were up and out early today. My dad was headed to LAX for the one daily non-stop to Milwaukee from the West Coast. This is his second departure from LAX. We were better prepared for the challenges it presents.

He’s in Milwaukee now. I spoke to LaTonya who picked him up at the airport. They were still waiting for his walker.

Let me take a moment to look back on these thirteen days because it wasn’t what I expected at all.

My dad tends to exaggerate his physical condition. I expected what he was saying while still in Wisconsin was more aspiration than reality.

I was wrong.

Five operations since December. His heart ailment was serious. He began the year unable to walk across a room.

When you’re 90 you don’t expect to get better. Maybe, we hoped, the operations would be somewhat helpful. Instead, it was a miracle.

All of a sudden here’s this 90 year old guy capable of doing stuff he hadn’t done for years! And, without saying a word, we all fell into agreement. Let’s do stuff!

We took him everywhere and paid attention to his every whim. He stayed busy. We kept him smiling. There was always an offer on-the-table to go somewhere if he wanted.

We found out after-the-fact whale watching was on his bucket list. Check that baby off.

This morning I asked him if he felt stronger than when he came?


Mission accomplished.

Hi Mr. Fox

We chose to live in a family neighborhood. Good choice. Having the kids around gives the area daytime life. At night they’re home and quiet. I walked out my back gate onto the service driveway we all share a few minutes ago. Half a dozen little girls, pre-school to 2nd or 3rd grade, walked by. […]

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Harold And The Close Shave

When my dad arrived at LAX we didn’t know what to expect. He has exceeded every possible expectation! So, with this in mind, we decided the mere fact he was Here Healthy Ninety meant we needed to spoil him every day! This has been his busiest week in a very long time. This morning Helaine […]

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Mitt’s Back

If you support Trump, I sort of understand. I grew up in a time when a brass mill workers in Waterbury, Connecticut made a good living and could afford homes and vacations. If you worked at Macy’s you made a decent living with opportunities for advancement. Those jobs don’t exist anymore.

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My Friend The Raisin Counter

I was chatting with Vicky Gregorian tonight. Vicky sells movies and syndicated shows to TV stations. We met when she was my boss at PM Magazine/Buffalo. Vicky was executive producer. She came there from WBZ in Boston. It was 1980. No cable competition. Just a handful of stations in any given city. WBZ was a […]

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Keeping Up With Harold

“At ninety,” I said, “no one expects you to be getting stronger and healthier, but you are.” He certainly has more stamina than he had five years ago. And, seeing results, he is motivated to work harder.

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