Flip-Flopping Versus Progressing

What is flip-flopping? Thirty plus years ago I told my girlfriend, Helaine, I’d never get married. Marriage, I said, didn’t appeal to me.

My views changed.

Is that flip-flopping? No says I, the potential floppee. I matured (a little). My opinions changed. I was wrong and realized it.

Isn’t this the normal progression of life? Many more of us want to be firemen or cowboys at age 7 than 27. We haven’t flip-flopped. We’ve matured.

So, it was weird seeing this Republican National Committee tweet before tonight’s Democratic debate.


What exactly is their point?

Over the last twenty years most of us (not all of us) have come to the conclusion gay marriage is fine. It was not always my opinion. It was not always a consensus opinion. It is now.

Pew Research surveyed Americans in 2001 and found support for gay marriage at 35%. Now it’s 55%. Opposition went from 57% to 39%

Did we all flip-flop or are we progressing in our opinions?

The takeaway from the RNC’s illustration is, opinions should never change. The RNC is proud to be intransigent.

My guess is they’ll be seen as being on the wrong side of history.

The Professor Visits

nebraska test 98

David Friedman was in the neighborhood today. I met David years ago at Yale, foolishly did a good deed and have been friends ever since.

David, like a few other my other friends, is perfect for academia. He is a professor of law at Willamette University in Oregon. He’s in nearby Costa Mesa today for an academic seminar.

I love when people who have kids visit. Look, no toys!

Helaine left what looked like a small catered business luncheon. She baked too.

I showed off the studio. David sat around as I did my 7:30 session for Nebraska.

It took me five or six takes to get through the first cut. Sometimes small changes have hidden repercussions. It was half tech problems, half performance. I’m responsible for both.

As I played one animation, he said, “Oh, you do that,” referring to my controlling every aspect of what will be seen on air.

There’s no one but me!

It was nice to see him. I hope I left a good impression.

My Video Discovery


I am currently over-the-moon. A hare brained idea of mine works! A process that uses nearly $10,000 worth of gear can be accomplished with an under $250 purchase from China.

Ecstatic is what I am!

Let me set the stage. I broadcast daily to Nebraska, always recorded. However, there will be times I need to be live.

Live video over-the-Internet demands expensive hardware. It’s a real problem. And you need compatible hardware on both ends.

One night while paging through AliExpress (I watch it as Helaine watches QVC) I came across a weirdly described ad. Poorly translated from Chinese, it was nearly in English. The item was an IPTV video encoder.

I recognized some of the acronyms used in the ad as streaming terms. I couldn’t be sure how they were being used here. The ad had no context.

There was a picture. It was the proverbial black box around the size of a VHS tape. There was no brand name, but there were HDMI and Ethernet ports. That meant, I hoped, video in/packets out. Again, details were sparse.

It came today. I followed its journey through China to Japan to America.

I hooked it up.

It worked.

Holy crap!!! It worked. It did exactly what I hoped it would.

I asked someone on Facebook to check. It worked for him too.

My friend Larry Fitzgerald gave it a try from Burbank on a 5K screen.

My TriCaster can hook to it directly. No new hardware needed. That’s crazy!

More tests tomorrow, but this is currently too good to be true… but true!

Winter… Oh, I Remember That


OMG. That’s slush in the photo above. You know what that means.

A winter-like storm pushed through Nebraska today. This was my first time since leaving Fox61 to really use my cold weather skills. So far, so good.

What has changed over the last few years is access to high res hourly model outputs and more local realtime observations. Nebraska has a well done network of highway cameras plus weather stations. I never feel disadvantaged. I always know and can see what’s going on.

My job continues to be interpreter and translator as much pure forecaster. All this data to curate and edit.

I know much more about the day’s weather than I can describe or you can absorb. I attempt to prioritize the data based on need. That part’s educated guesswork.

It will be quiet now for the next week. Good practice. Winter hasn’t officially begun. Don’t be fooled by the Christmas commercials.

Ad Hominem Attacks

I chastised a friend tonight for a photo he put up ridiculing Dr. Ben Carson. I’m not a fan of Carson’s, but my dislike of political name calling is greater.

I hate it when Republicans do it. I hate it when Democrats do it. It accomplishes nothing.

There’s a name for this. They’re ad hominem attacks.

ad ho·mi·nem
ˌad ˈhämənəm/
adverb & adjective
adverb: ad hominem; adjective: ad hominem
(of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.
“vicious ad hominem attacks”

So, instead of examining Dr. Carson’s or Bernie Sanders’ or anyone’s platform, we just make fun of them. But they’re not jokes — none of them. Most of them could, under some convoluted scenario, get elected. We need to face that.

I’ve hated the last eight years listening to the screams against our twice elected president. This is crazy. Our country is run as if it’s a WWE death cage grudge match.

You want to see business grow? Treat politics as is you wanted America to succeed no matter who’s in-charge.

Another Video Experiment

While working in Palm Springs I used an expensive Dejero VSET Live to send my video to them. My daily weathercasts to Nebraska are recorded. Neither filmed nor taped, they’re written to disk and uploaded as a series of files. I’ll be live when there’s breaking weather, but how? News Channel Nebraska doesn’t have a […]

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My Hollywood Dinner

I took a trip north between shows Wednesday night. It was exactly 100 miles round trip. Destination: Hollywood. Somehow everyone else chose the same time to go! After an hour I was only 14 miles from home on the 5. There were two stops to make. First, Stef’s place for a drop off. While she […]

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How Much Do The Drugs In Drug Ads Cost?

It’s tough to watch TV more than a few minutes without seeing an ad or two for drugs. We’ve always had advertising for over-the-counter meds. Prescription drug ads are more recent. Advertising a drug like Viagra on TV makes sense. There are tens of millions potential patients. But there are also ads on for niche […]

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We Need One More Law

It’s 2015. You’d think by now we’d have enough laws. We need to add at least one more. Data collectors, anyone from Google to Facebook to Experian and Equifax, should be subject to laws similar to those seen in the credit reporting industry. All these companies have categorized you. They know who covets your business. […]

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Halloween’s Close Encounter

Space is probably busier than you think. Little chunks of rock are randomly flying through the solar system all the time. Most are relatively small, extremely dark and tough to find. We don’t see most asteroids until they’re very close, often a few days or even hours before passage. Asteroids are found mostly through sky […]

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