Roger Easton Is The Man

Roger Easton is 92 and lives in Vermont. He has become my hero. Roger invented GPS!

His invention came in 1955. That was two years before Sputnik, the first satellite launched to orbit.

Here we are in California. We are strangers in a strange land where all the roads cross at a 90&#176. It will take a while.

We started years ago with a standalone GPS. Feed it an address and get directions. That in and of itself is nothing short of magic.

What makes GPS more powerful is smartphone integration.

I know. It’s the same technology I despise when used by the government to stalk us. Nothing is simple.

Because my phone has a GPS receiver and is connected to the Internet, I can say (not type), “Target” and my phone will find the closest one and direct me there.

Even better, you don’t need to know the store’s name! Say, “Bedding” and the GPS will find bedding places nearby.

Try picturing yourself doing this with paper maps. They’re OK, but you have to know where you’re going before you use them.

You have no idea how valuable it’s been while stocking the new house. It’s cut travel time significantly. It also adds a sense of security.

Roger Easton: You are the man! Thank you.

Two Dogs, No Waiting


I am typing this from the bed in the guest room. It and my office are currently the only rooms with furniture. Doppler is curled up in the bed. Roxie is down on the floor.

What we have now is benign neglect. They can be close, just not too close! Doppler has snarled and gone after Roxie. Bad idea. Roxie weighs at least twice as much, maybe more.

IMAG0006-w1200-h1200Roxie is Stef’s dog. She was supposed to be a miniature dachshund. Oops. Maybe she is? Is there a prize for largest miniature?

All this has come about because Stef drove down from Hollywood. Today it was a 45 minute trip. It has also taken twice that long.

Driving here can be a crap shoot especially when these two words are included: “The Five.”

There is a community pool two streets from our house. Stef and I walked over. She was in a two piece. I wore shorts, t-shirt and carried a towel to place over my pale white legs.

One of us is more a Californian than the other!

Being this close to Stef is a bonus. My daughter is a grown-up. We spent our time at the pool schmoozing. It’s so much easier to schmooze in person than on the phone.

This was a planned down day for H and me. I spent a few minutes at Home Depot. Helaine and Stef will probably hit Ralph’s.

We get busy again tomorrow. The painters should finish, opening the way for lots of furniture to be delivered Saturday.

Ten Years Of Blogging

Today is this blog’s tenth anniversary. 3,653 days (thanks to leap years) if you’re counting. This is my 5,948th post. You have commented 23,949 times. It really has become “My Permanent Record.”

Back in 2003, blogging seemed the thing to do. Today, Facebook is the more logical way to open your life to the world. It didn’t exist in 2003. Mark Zuckerberg was just a sophomore year at Harvard!

I’ve lost count of exactly how many pages this blog has served, but with 949,537 reads over the last year, my best estimate is around 6,000,000. That’s a big number for a personal site, especially one that was never mentioned on TV.

I didn’t set out to blog every day. That just happened. Obsessive? Probably. It takes discipline I didn’t know I had.

Hopefully there aren’t too many days when it reads like I’m blogging to fill an obligation. I’m sure there are some.

I’ve written about plenty of personal shortcomings, but this blog is mostly a sanitized version of life. What you read here is always true, just not always the whole truth. I don’t write bad or embarrassing things about friends or family.

Most people who start blogs never considered it requires writing! That’s why so many blogs die after the first entry. If I had thought the problem through, it wouldn’t have happened. I happily believed my writing ended when school ended.

As it turns out, I love writing. Total surprise!

I especially love rewriting. That was even more of a surprise. Every entry gets rewritten at least three or four times before going live.

Without Peter Sachs there would be no blog. In 2003 Peter was running an ISP in New Haven and deeply involved in the online world. It was his encouragement and technical expertise that got me started. Thanks, Peter.

With our move to California this promises to be an interesting year. I plan to blog all of it.

Don’t go to sleep yet, there’s more Geoff Fox to come.

The House Begins To Take Shape

This blog entry comes to you from my new desk. The blinds for my office are still to come. This time of day, the desk is only usable with heavy duty squinting! Glad to sacrifice for you.

Along with its view of the setting Sun, my office has some spillover neighborhood WiFi. Shhhh. Don’t tell. I’m on someone’s Linksys router.

Today was another busy day made busier (and longer) by miscommunication between our painting contractor and his painters. I was in pajamas sitting in Helaine’s car at 7:30 waiting to let them in. They didn’t show until well past nine.

There has been progress. That’s very good. Most of the upstairs has been painted.

This room, my office, was painted a color that doesn’t match our chosen paint chip… or the carpet! Repaint scheduled for Friday, along with much of the downstairs.

That’s progress and it’s duly noted.

The woman who’s doing our window treatments came by this afternoon with ten temporary shades. They do make a difference.

My office furniture was delivered along with a mattress for the guest room. It’s the only room with furniture I need to assemble. Now I remember why I hate assembling furniture!

In the end it will be OK, but what a pain getting there with awful instructions and less than stellar workmanship. A little Home Depot remediation will be necessary before the nightstands can be used.

A crew of three spent much of the late afternoon installing utility cabinets in the garage. We’ve got no basement or attic, so storage planning is necessary. Both cars should fit… they’d better fit!

Helaine and I have been talking about a mutual fantasy. In it we spend an entire day with no errands or anything to do. We lay on the sofa or bed and… actually there’s no and. We just vegetate.

Friday will be our last night at the hotel. I can’t wait to sleep at home.

Like Moving In Slow Motion

We have moved to California, but we haven’t really moved in. Our freshly built house is a shell waiting furniture and furnishings. We have only the clothes we brought.

We go to bed in a hotel every night. Still, little-by-little our house is turning into a home.

As I type two men are pulling the packing tape and plastic off our new refrigerator. These are the same two guys who hooked up our washer and dryer this weekend. I have new respect for these people who tote and carry all day. What a demanding job.

That’s it. That’s all we have in the house today that wasn’t here when we closed on Friday–three appliances.

A bed frame for our guest room is in boxes in my cousins garage. Its mattress for it arrives tomorrow.

My office furniture is scheduled to arrive by Monday. The rest of the furniture should be here in dribs and drabs over the next few weeks.

There are no drapes or blinds on the windows–and there are a lot of windows. All bathroom trips currently take place upstairs in a room not visible from the street.

We have no chairs. We’ve been standing or laying on the floor (carpeting upstairs). My feet are hurting! Doppler currently has possession of our two pillows. At least one of us is comfy.

There’s still a lot of work to be done. Cabinets and shelves will be installed in the garage and bedroom closet. Our California room will get pavers and plantings. AT&T is still stringing fiber and cable with three trucks on our street today. At some point that means Internet and TV.

All our possessions from Connecticut will start making their cross country check within the next few days. We expect them by the middle of next week.

It’s a little like moving in slow motion. It’s happening, but taking time.

City Streets At 60 MPH

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About Our Unusual Concrete Hotel

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Looking At The Weather Here And There

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The Outdoor Life

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Connecticut and California — What’s Different

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