The Foxes First Citrus Harvest


Growing fruit in our tiny yard seems so exotic… and yet, we did! This afternoon Helaine picked our first lemon.

There’s not much you can do with one lemon other than make sure it’s sour. It was!

Let The Spin Begin

The first “Obamacare” numbers are out. They’re numbers, right? What could be easier than that?

Let the spin begin!




So we’re totally clear now, right?

We’ve Got Our First Lemon


Outside, in the “California Room” just under a window from our family room sits a tiny lemon tree. It’s 18″ tall, tops.

The tree was planted already showing a few tiny green lemons. I told Helaine they were Crazy Glued on to sell more trees!

Don’t laugh. It worked.

The first lemon has turned yellow! Be still my heart.

I’m not sure what to do? How do you know it’s ripe? I haven’t been in Californian long. Citrus knowledge is tough to come by in Connecticut.

Growing season is long over in the east, but all my plants are still thriving. Gardenias are blooming. Hummingbirds are sipping at the feeder.

Eating fruit grown in our own yard is a California fantasy Helaine and I share. Check one off the bucket list.

Cassini In The Shadows For A Very Cool Photo

This is one of those things scientists do because they can!

Recently, the Cassini spacecraft was positioned on the nighttime side of Saturn, with the planet blocking the Sun. That meant a chance to photograph Saturn’s rings, Venus, Mars, seven Saturnian moons and Earth–all in one shot.

And, yes, if you click to see the full resolution image, Earth is a blue dot!

Normally, because of the Sun’s brightness, a photo like this couldn’t be attempted. Cassini’s sensors would be damaged or destroyed.

Though the photo was taken in July, NASA only published it this week. An annotated version is on top with the clean image below.

Pretty damn cool.

Forecasting Here Is Different

Math was my favorite subject. Maps and graphs draw me in. The rhythm of the atmosphere fascinates me. I was very lucky to find weather.

I don’t study the atmospheric charts as intently as I did while forecasting every day in Connecticut. I still look.

Forecasting here is different.

Since we arrived in late June few fronts have passed through. None were strong.

Most of the ‘weather’ has been spawned by localized effects close to ground level and the wind direction. Easterly winds are mostly dry and often hot. Westerlies are cooler (though never cold).

Wednesday we get an offshore flow. In other words, easterly winds. Here’s what the Weather Service forecast office for Los Angeles says in their tech discussion:


We’ll get close to 90&#176. Not bad for November 12th.

The ocean’s effect on SoCal is immense! Take a look at the map at the top of this entry (click to enlarge). Ocean water off the East Coast is warmer. The cooler water here is a stabilizing factor. It’s not the humidity pump the Gulf Stream can be.

gfs-snaOne of the models, the GFS, has light rain or drizzle Friday and Saturday. Close to the coast, Saturday is likely a no Sun day! Unusual.

Everything you need to know about this little event is packed in the lowest 5,000 feet of the atmosphere. An airplane climbing out from LAX will break into the sunshine in the first two minutes of flight! I’m not yet used to that.

The GFS goes out to the 21st. Through that period all the active weather is north of us or on the right side of the country. This spotty precip is the worst we see.

Where’s Steve When My Car Is Sick?

I need Steve! Really. Steve, I need you. For at least 25 years in Connecticut Steve kept my cars running. Yes, we became friends, but first he was an honest auto mechanic. He was my honest auto mechanic. I sent Steve a text this weekend. Could he drive over? There’s a problem with my SLK230. […]

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What Goes Up Must Come Down

“Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down? That’s not my department,” says Wernher von Braun. — From the song “Werner von Braun,” lyrics by Tom Lehrer The misconception about Earth orbit is, it’s gravity free. Nope. Sorry. In fact it’s gravity that keeps orbiting satellites from flying off into space. Satellites […]

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How Can You Make A Decision Based On Reviews Like These?

I am the defacto IT guy for my cousins who run a law practice here in town. The days of file folders full of papers are fading away. Nearly everything is computer generated and computer stored. A NAS (Network Attached Storage) unit might be a good idea for their office. It would allow everyone access […]

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SoCal Has A Smell Good Plumber

I was thinking about commercials a few days ago. The knee jerk reaction is to poo poo them. However, some commercials get knit into the fabric of our lives. When the Giants are playing at the Meadowlands and that 5-note whistle comes on, I have to think of PC Richards. It’s involuntary. In Connecticut there […]

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The Irrational Twitter Run-Up

Do you think Twitter is worth $24,460,000,000? I’ll make it easy for you. Twitter is worth $24 billion and change. The market says so. Multiply outstanding shares by price and voila. Twitter’s new stock issue opened at $24 and closed at $44.90. Twitter makes no profit. Its loss per share is $1.11. Why is it […]

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