The Cold’s Not Done Yet

4:30 PM EST Thursday. It’s 38° in Anchorage with a wind chill of 29°. It’s 19° at Bradley International with a wind chill of 2°! Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

The jet stream is bringing frigid air from the Canadian Plains across the Great Lakes and spilling it into most of the East Coast. It’s in the 20s this afternoon in portions of North Carolina.

We’re staying bitterly cold through the weekend. Wind chill readings will hover around and often below 0°. Wind chill describes how rapidly your exposed flesh loses heat.

Here’s something 18 year old Geoff never thought he’d say: Try to expose as little of your flesh as possible!

As for Friday/Saturday’s snow, it looks like less of a deal today than yesterday. Maybe an inch or two of powdery snow starting Friday afternoon or evening and ending Saturday morning.

A week ago I was in SoCal where they were complaining about the ‘bitter cold.’ Where’s my violin?

Pete Rose Should Be In The Hall

Pete Rose has a reality show on TLC. I expected a train wreck. As you can see from the title of this entry it is anything but.

Rose speaks without a filter. I believe he’s truly repentant for his gambling. He should be judged on his unquestioned excellence as a player.

“If you give me a second chance, I won’t need a third,” he said early on.

The show is great. His fiancee (though the show is called “Hits and Mrs.”) is a beautiful Korean-American, younger than some of Rose’s children. Her augmented breasts are an oft visited topic.

They are a total mismatch, yet they’re perfect for each other. I believe the relationship is complex and real.

I’ve read a few negative reviews. I disagree. I’ll watch the season–six episodes.

The Friday Night Clipper

After my week in sunny and (mostly) warm Southern California it seems I’ve returned simultaneously with winter! There is snow on tap for Friday night into Saturday. It doesn’t look to be a major deal, but snow-is-snow and it’s always a bit of a pain.

There are no textbook storms, but this one is mainly an Alberta Clipper with a little Texas moisture drawn in.

Wednesday evening, the low driving the storm is near the British Columbia-Alberta border. It will sink south a little as it moves east. It will also suck up some moisture now over the Southern Plains. That’s the setup.

This will be all snow. Shoreline, inland, everyone gets snow. It looks to be powdery snow–a high snow:water ratio, 15:1 or more.

It will also be a fast mover. Alberta Clippers get the second half of their name from their speedy entrance and exit. The storm starts late Friday afternoon and ends Saturday morning.

Snow lovers will likely be disappointed. This looks like a few inches tops.

Cold lovers will be happy. The temperature will be in the twenties with the wind chill in the teens.

Sunday will be sunny and even colder

This Will Be Brief

This will be brief.

We are back from vacation. Eight full days on the road. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. This was definitely not!

That’s not to say we didn’t have a great time. We did, but our wheels were turning all the time.

Yesterday was the killer, especially with that two hour delay in Denver and the post-light snow drive home.

The day of reckoning was today. Helaine and I got up (she briefly left to retrieve Doppler at Cheryl and Steve’s) then both stretched out in the family room.

All day.

Still life.

It’s 10:30 PM now and the haze is finally coming off for me. I’m hoping to be back at full strength tomorrow. Hoping.

Finally Flying

Sully says we’re at 39,000 feet. I’ll take his word for it. I see nothing below the plane. Smooth ride. Cabin lights dimmed.

Wheels up was at 7:41 PM MST. We’re more than a few hours late. Touchdown at Bradley’s now scheduled for 12:50 AM EST.

I figure, if the roads aren’t bad, we’ll be home around 2:30 AM. Around 15 hours in transit for me!

First world problem. This is a trip that once took months!

Helaine’s asleep. Good idea. I’ll try too.

And Now An Undelay!

Departure time changed again! We’re back to 6:30 PM. I’m getting my data from which has a direct pipe from the FAA. Maybe we were better off in the pre-information age? Dumb and happy! Estimated Gate Departure Changed From 01/21/13 07:10 PM To 01/21/13 06:30 PM Estimated Gate Arrival Changed From 01/22/13 12:35 AM […]

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Longer Layover In Denver

I”m at Gate C43 at Denver International Airport. Clean, modern, large. Really large! I’m looking out a large picture window. The mountains are off in the far distance. This airport is east of Denver. The landscape here is more Kansas than Colorado. Put a little snow on the ground and you might as well be […]

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I’m On My Way Home

I’m on my way home. This will be a long day. It was an easy hour’s drive to John Wayne Airport. My first flight leaves in 45 minutes. I have a long layover in Denver where I meet-up with Helaine. This was a trip I needed on many different levels. Being with friends and family […]

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Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars

This is my last full day in California. Helaine and I rejoin in Denver sometime mid-afternoon Monday. It’s going to be very difficult to leave. First, the weather’s unreal. It was near 80° today. If anything the air’s a little too dry. I’m still waiting for the first cloud! Second, I’m having a great time […]

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Good Boy, Sailor

The Fox family loves dogs. Stef has Roxie. We have Doppler. A few days ago there was Scout at Michael, Melissa and Max’s. Now at the secret lair of my mysteriously reclusive friend in the Valley there is Sailor. One day in the future my friend will probably ask me to pull the battery in […]

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