Doppler’s Haircut Before Picture

Doppler goes for a haircut tomorrow morning. I just couldn’t resist one ‘before’ picture. I’ll try and post an after tomorrow.

Static Cling Doppler

11:00 PM, Wednesday

The dew point at Bradley is 2°. On the shoreline the numbers are in the teens. The air is bone dry. It is static cling season.

Doppler suffers greatly. Her fur is attracted to blankets and carpets. Her hair stands up like Professor Irwin Corey’s.

I’ve sparked her while hooking leash to collar. My guess is she gets sparked a lot.

I like the scruffy look on Dop, but this time of year she’s probably better served with less fluff factor.

Next Stop The Twilight Zone

I spent some time watching The Twilight Zone marathon overnight on SyFy. Twilight Zone premiered in 1959. Pardon me while I gasp! That’s a long time ago.

Why do the episodes still work today?

Great writing.

Great casting.

Rod Serling himself wrote 92 of the 156 episodes. That seems crazily prolific by today’s standards.

Even with that volume, the stories are incredibly tight with smart dialog and unexpected plot twists. C’mon, did you really expect the aliens attacking Agnes Moorehead (in an episode with virtually no dialog) would be American astronauts?

In one episode as ‘the heavy’ walked toward a graveyard I saw the seam connecting two painted flats that provided the distant sky. It made no difference. The heavy was Lee Marvin. His presence trumped production values.

Big stars, or actors who would become big stars, populated every episode.

My childhood memories are vivid enough when I saw Billy Mumy last night in “Long Distance Call,” I instinctively changed the channel. Too weird.

Truly classic television.

As 2012 Comes To A Screeching Halt

Let me be perfectly honest, 2012 was not a good year for me in many ways. Must I explain? It can’t end soon enough.

On the other hand Helaine and I just spent a really great week at home with Stef who flew in from L.A. Therapeutic! I’m not sure Stef knows the power she possesses.

With the new year will come lots of choices on how to move forward. Plans are coming together, though still incomplete. I’ll let you know when I know.

Many of you have reached out, both publicly and privately, to offer your advice and support. I can’t tell you how helpful you’ve been and how much I appreciate you standing with me.

To all, have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.

Little Dog / Big Snow

Doppler’s low to the ground and only weighs about ten pounds. She is small. Winter is not her season!

Snow quickly melts and sinks deeply into her scruffy white coat. Her paws soak up moisture like a ShamWow!

As soon as snow accumulates more than an inch or two Helaine goes out and digs an arena in the front yard. I suspect nature would find a way for Doppler to do her business without it, but this seems more civilized.

Back in the house Doppler lays down and waits to be towel dried. Civilized goes both ways.

Good doggie.

How’d I Do?

As I write this our winter storm is getting set to exit. There’s a lot of snow on the ground. Some folks will get close to a foot. OK — I got the accumulation totally wrong. Accumulation is forecast incorrectly more than anything else. It’s a forecast on a forecast on a forecast. Any small, […]

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The Snow Is Here

When it comes to forecasting snow I am often the outlier. My forecasts tend to be conservative because over time the computer models tend to over forecast. Now, as the snow begins I’m tempted to up the accumulations, especially toward the Rhode Island border. Is there a real difference between 2-4″ and 3-6″. Practically, no. […]

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The Feed From The White House

Helaine and (visiting) Stef are in the family room watching TV. I wanted to see the president’s statement on the budget talks. I grabbed my laptop, went to and watched the clean feed. The president was late. The feed streamed a wideshot of the podium. Like everything else on TV the White House briefing […]

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More Snow For Saturday

Forecasting weather is an inexact science. You probably didn’t need me to tell you that. Saturday looks a little different than it did 24 hours ago. No surprise. I won’t be changing much in duration or precipitation type. However, it does look like more snow than originally anticipated. Unless it’s a massive snowfall the exact […]

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The Unsung Hero In Rescue Me

Fontella Bass has passed away. A ‘one-hit wonder,’ her hit was 1965′s Rescue Me. For me, as a disk jockey in the 60s and 70s, this song was gold. It was uptempo with a hooky instrumental bridge to ‘talk-up.’ Fontella’s voice was strong and soulful. I never tired of it (and trust me, there were […]

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