Off To Milwaukee

melissa and mark

The jury is still out whether winter is finished in Connecticut. There’s little doubt in Milwaukee. It’s not! Snow’s on tap for Monday.

We head to Milwaukee in the morning. My sister’s younger daughter, Melissa, is getting married. That’s her (above and below left) in photos taken in August.

Milwaukee’s nice in August.

melissa and mark with matt on the sideWe’ve met her fiancee, Mark, and approve. Do they really need our approval?

There are lots of reasons we’re looking forward to the trip. Obviously we’re happy for Melissa and Mark. We’re excited we’ll be seeing Stef, who’s flying in from SoCal.

My folks will be there too!

That last sentence is no small deal. My mom has been through some awful times over the last year plus. Based on phone conversations she’s peppy and with it. Her being in shape to go to this wedding is just shy of miraculous.

The plane ride from Florida to Wisconsin will be stressful. They’ve done this trip before, always making connections in Atlanta. This time my sister and I strongly suggested flying non-stop. It’s more expensive. It’s worth it.

This evening we dropped Doppler off at the ‘spa’. We’ve been told two of her friends from earlier visits will also be there. I expect Doppler to tell all when we return!

It’s a shame she can’t come too. Doppler would probably enjoy the wedding… as would Mark and Melissa’s dog, Toby.

Today Is The Future I Fantasized About As A Kid

Panorama of my office at home

My office occasionally becomes so cluttered and dysfunctional I’d rather work elsewhere.


It’s a great room. I know because it’s functional now. The spring cleaning has made it through this second floor room

This is the room I fantasized about as a boy. Seriously. I didn’t know the shape my computer would be or exactly what it would do, but I knew I’d have one some day.

When I grew up computers were immense and had staffs attending to them. Expensive. Uncommon.

I used to read almanacs and the encyclopedia. A gift of an atlas from Helaine was very special. Now, it’s all at my fingertips.

My boyhood imagination’s office of today had blinking lights. Done. This place is crazy with blinking lights! They’re tiny and there are no Nixies, but they blink in patterns I can’t discern. That’s the part that counts.

How often do your childhood fantasies come true?

Journo Geeks Telling Jokes

The video from The Daily Beast sneakily embedded here. Priceless. (NSFW)

The Glassware Above My Desk


I am not a chemist. I do have two Erlenmeyer&#185 flasks on the shelf above my desk. One is Pyrex&#174–the good stuff. They’re both 500 ml and take the standard #7 stopper.

I’m not sure where they came from. Probably a lab at Yale-New Haven years ago when I did science stories on Channel 8.

They are used now for sucking hard boiled eggs to demonstrate the power of atmospheric pressure.

I like them. They help reinforce my inherent geekiness.

&#185 – Hats off to Google Chrome. Erlenmeyer is in the browser’s built-in dictionary.

The Fight Over My Watch

Pebble using words to tell the timeThe Pebble and I have become inseparable. Helaine has even caught me forgetfully wearing it to bed a few times.

The Pebble is a scratch for an itch I didn’t know I had.

I’m lucky to have it. Lots of people don’t have theirs.

Recently, a buzz has erupted from the Pebble have-nots. They’re worried about problems with production or software or firmware or the plastic injection molding process that’s keeping all the watches black so far. The company has turned less talkative.

The angst is understandable. The watch was supposed to have fully shipped in September.

Last night posted a teardown report saying the Pebble didn’t have low power Bluetooth capability as claimed. The buzz grew louder.

This morning Pebble released their unlikely, yet totally plausible, explanation. They’d used the right Bluetooth chips, which were marked incorrectly on purpose to get around some manufacturing paperwork snafu.

People are still pissed they don’t have their watches.

I hope Pebble survives. I really like mine.

Holy Crap Was I Skinny! Video Found As I Clean

Jan Stager and I hosted PM Magazine/Buffalo starting in September 1980. She was great. We don’t speak often enough, but remain friends. Jan was from Kent, Ohio and had worked in Wasau and Green Bay, Wisconsin. Me… well, you know. This episode looks to be early on, possibly Fall 1980. I had been working in […]

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If You Ain’t Heard Your Name By This Time, It’s Probably Cause It Just Don’t Rhyme!

Helaine has declared it spring cleaning time. There’s no excuse for me to be a slacker. After 23 years in this house we’ve accumulated a lot of crap. Everything must go! OK–not everything, but if I haven’t looked at it over the last decade (or possibly two) it needs to be tossed. Fair enough. The […]

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My Radio Inspiration

As a kid I wanted to be a disk jockey. There was something about having anonymity and fame simultaneously that appealed to teenage Geoff. My chance came in 1969. I stayed in radio 11 years. There were many inspirations: Dan Ingram and Brucie on WABC, Murray the K on WINS, Joey Reynolds, Danny Nevereth and […]

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So Much I Can Taste It

Doppler and I were out a little while ago. We have a late night routine. It’s a shame she doesn’t look up. It is a beautiful night. No Moon. Dark. Clear. Brilliant stars. I can’t imagine anyone with a telescope not observing tonight. Chilly too. The ground around my house is still snow covered. This […]

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Trying To Get My Rig Together

When I decided to become a web developer I realized the only way to compete in a crowded marketplace was to offer websites with integrated video and photography. These are areas where I have expertise and many ‘devs’ do not. I’ve got a website video shoot Monday. My Canon 7D is primarily a still camera, […]

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