The Unsung Hero In Rescue Me

Fontella Bass has passed away. A ‘one-hit wonder,’ her hit was 1965′s Rescue Me.

For me, as a disk jockey in the 60s and 70s, this song was gold. It was uptempo with a hooky instrumental bridge to ‘talk-up.’ Fontella’s voice was strong and soulful.

I never tired of it (and trust me, there were plenty of songs I tired of).

It’s sad Fontella Bass has died, but it’s also an opportunity to point out the hidden power in the song–the bass line. I had to search to find the name and I’m not 100% sure, but I think it was Louis Satterfield, a well traveled Chicago session musician who was a founding member of Earth Wind & Fire.

The bass is penetrating and complementary. It’s the dominant player in the song.

Would Rescue Me have been a hit without Satterfield? I don’t think so. He is the unsung hero in Fontella Bass’s life.

More Snow For Saturday

Weather is like real estate. The three most important factors are location, location, location. That’s the story for Saturday’s storm. It will be a big deal elsewhere, not here.

That’s not to say we won’t get snow. We will. Not a lot.

Unlike yesterday’s multifaceted system this will be all snow for Connecticut. It starts Saturday morning, gone around sundown. An inch or two statewide is likely. Winds will be light and temperatures at or just below freezing.

Call it touch up snow–just enough to brighten what’s already on the ground.

Unbelievably the European, GFS and NAM all agree!

This forecast took a little more time today. My favorite website for the GFS and NAM models is down. It’s not like these aren’t available everywhere, but you get used to your favorite site’s nuances. At least I do.

Ugly Weather On The Way

The 12z model runs are in, including enough of the European to get a feel for tonight. I’m not going to make many changes, though the turnover to rain inland looks a little quicker than my original read.

Everyone starts with a little snow early this (Wednesday) evening. On the shoreline snow will be replaced by rain within a few hours, with a brief interlude of sleet possible in between. The farther inland you are, the longer the period of snow. Duh!

The European is the coldest of the models, followed by the GFS then NAM. Just a few degrees will make a huge difference, because the rain/snow line in each of these scenarios is close by. I’m also using the Rapid Refresh model which is a very high resolution model that only covers 15 hours and makes discrete calls for most likely precipitation type hour-by-hour.

What you wake up to Thursday morning won’t be the peak accumulation. Rain will ‘settle’ the piles and add weight overnight. Expect a slushy inch or two near the shore with lesser amounts the closer you get to the Rhode Island border. Most of inland Connecticut sees 3-7″, except the higher elevations in the Northwest Hills where a foot could fall.

Because there will be a statewide change to rain before dawn, Thursday’s commute will feature slushy, weighty snow on the roads and sidewalks.

Along with the precipitation there will be strong winds from the northeast. Significant coastal flooding is likely at high tide Wednesday night! Wet snow and strong winds also means scattered power outages.

For Southern New England this is the type of storm we get a few times each winter–a moderate p-i-t-a. We will see worse before spring arrives.

The Infinitely Complex Atmosphere

I’ve just started looking at the 00z models. Big storm. It starts early Wednesday evening as snow in most areas.

May I pause for a sec? The atmosphere is very interesting. The atmosphere is infinitely complex. The atmosphere is a real thing.

As Wednesday’s strong low pressure system moves through it will affect every part of the atmosphere distant and nearby. The fabric of the atmosphere will be bent and twisted. It’s evident on my maps and charts.

We start with snow, but rain will be a big deal statewide. On the shore the rain will eat much if not all the snow. The problem is inland where the rain won’t do much more than make the snow heavier and more treacherous for Thursday morning. There will be enough to plow across most of the state.

‘Tis The Snow Season

My driveway is wet. My lawn is white. Bunnies have left a trail. Except for the occasional sheets of ice that slide off my roof and crash to the ground it’s a quiet and pretty Christmas Day. I’ll take it!

I didn’t want to come back and convert this into a weather blog, but right now weather’s on my mind. There’s another storm due Wednesday afternoon and it won’t be quite as docile.

This next storm caught my eye while it was still in the Pacific. It drenched the fans at the San Francisco – Seattle football game Sunday night. Today it will bring tornadoes to the Gulf Coast states and a blizzard to Southwestern Oklahoma and nearby Texas.

Most likely we feel its effect beginning Wednesday afternoon. This is another storm where location is important.

There might be some snow or sleet at the start, but for the shoreline this is a nasty rainstorm. Overnight, the moderate to heavy rain will be accompanied by strong gusty winds from the east.

Inland is a different story, because I see a significant period of snow before changing to rain. 4-8″ is a reasonable early guess before the snow is capped.

There will be plenty of rain after the snow, but not enough to wash it away. Instead we’ll be left with heavy, icy, slick snow on roads and sidewalks on a windy Thursday morning.

It’s winter weather. The forecast is never 100% right, but if travel is in your plans Wednesday/Thursday you’re going to need to factor this in.

Doppler Poses

I love taking pictures of Doppler. She’s naturally beautiful and even tempered. She’s willing to pose, but she doesn’t have infinite patience. When Doppler is done with the photo session, she’s done! Tonight she came into my office for a while. We keep a bed here for her trips. This is the best shot.

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One More Christmas Eve Forecast Revision

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As The Models Turn

What was the phrase yesterday? Carved in chocolate pudding? That’s how these winter storms are always modeled. I recognize the Christmas Eve system from yesterday, but it’s not quite the same. The 00z NAM is in. The 00z GFS is dribbling out, one three hour step at a time. The NAM looks perfect if you’re […]

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Dreaming Of A White Christmas?

It’s been a while since I talked weather. I’d rather be doing this in front of a green wall, but pajamas on the sofa is what we’ve got. I’ll make do. Snow on Christmas is usually a no show for Connecticut. This year looks different! As always a few hedges. It’s Saturday. Christmas is Tuesday. […]

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I Got To See Darlene Love Live!

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