Oops – How the heck did you get here?

Hold it… wait a second. Before you go, I actually should explain what’s going on.

My name is Geoff Fox. This is my website and that’s my photo on the right.

This website is mostly taken up by my blog. My wife says it’s my obsession. Probably.

You’ve reached this page because you entered a bad link, or clicked on one. If it’s the latter, please drop me an email, so I can get it fixed.

This page was originally composed In November 2007 when some nice person came to my site and found a weakness. I really don’t know much more than that… except he (hackers are mostly he, but it could be she, I guess) injected some code on the site, adding files to every directory on it. These files created bogus web pages, like the one you might have been looking for when you clicked and found me.

It’s tough to know after the fact, but Google says this attack created… you’re not going to believe this… over 69,000 pages¹! Seriously.

Like I said, it happened in November. I found out in January.

About 20 minutes after I asked for help, Google removed me from their index. For all intents and purposes, I had disappeared from the Internet like some Politburo member standing next to Stalin!

After cleaning the place out… fumigating my site if you will, Google let me back in.

All those bogus pages will live in Google’s index for a while, even though they no longer exist. I’m getting lots and lots of visitors, though most, like you, probably didn’t intend to come here… or at least didn’t come to read my writing.

So, what is the purpose of this page? Not much. I just wanted to let you know why the game cracks, bootleg software or porn you were really after, isn’t here.

You’re welcome to stay and look around. This page has links to help you navigate the site. After all, I write my blog to be read.

All the best,


Geoff Fox

¹ – Google kept finding more and more of these pages until the total reached around 330,000! By that time I had fixed the problem and isolated any links that might remain through my robots.txt file. From then on, the number steadily dropped. By the time you read this, hopefully, they’re all gone… hopefully.

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