Deer – on my front lawn

When we moved into our house, in the summer of ’90, I planted a few fruit trees, in the mistaken belief that I’d take care of them and one day eat the (pardon me) fruits of my labor.

Well, I never really touched the trees and they’ve grown, but never produced edible fruit.

This year seems to be different. Maybe it’s our awful summer weather, or maybe the horrendously brutal winter (it can’t be the spring as we didn’t seem to have one), but whatever the reason, the peaches are very nice… albeit small.

My plum tree has loads of fruit, though nowhere near ripe yet.

Yesterday, Helaine said she had seen a deer near the fruit trees. Tonight, as I was getting ready to take Ivy for a walk, the deer was back with two babies.

Steffie yelled for me to get the camera, and I ran upstairs in that uncoordinated way that makes my walk so easy to parody. The batteries were in the charger, so I pulled them out, dropped the charger to the ground and tried to race downstairs without killing myself.

TV Weatherman Succumbs to Deer Related Death – – I didn’t want to see that.

There wasn’t a whole lot of light, but enough for me to get a few decent pictures.

The funny thing is, most times of the year, deer are pests. They eat our flowers in the spring (when we get one) and, if I had planned on eating the fruit, they’d still be eating it.

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