Weeding the front yard

I’ve volunteered to host Emmy judging tomorrow. So far, the response has been really poor, and it’s a shame for the weather people in St. Louis that we won’t have a bigger crowd to see their tapes.

Helaine asked if I would go and weed our two front beds, so we might make a good impression. Yikes! That stuff grows like… oh yeah, I guess it’s supposed to.

It’s funny. If you plant tomatoes or flowers or anything you really want, you have to take extra special care to make sure they grow healthfully. But a weed! It doesn’t give a damn. It will grow anywhere.

I’ve seen weeds growing in the cracks in a sidewalk, through concrete, and my favorite, in the rock face that makes up the ‘canyon walls’ on the Cross Bronx Expressway.

Weeds are the pigeon of the flora world.

While I was down on my hands and knees weeding, I did notice one unusual thing. This is a major year for worms. I couldn’t believe how many of them I found. They were all very fat and anxious to get away from me.

I’m sure they noticed I was wearing gloves and realized that meant any worm inhibitions I might normally have were out the window.

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