How weird is this?

I’m pretty happy with the response my NE Blackout satellite picture ‘expose’ brought. This is a very tiny website… miniscule… but somehow, under certain conditions, I am the number one citation on MSN Search for people looking for the blackout satellite images.

We’re only talking about a few hundred hits. To me, that’s a big deal.

Earlier today, I got a nice note from a woman who wanted to print my page, but can’t because it’s white type on a gray background (I will look for a plug in to enable a ‘print’ page). I sent her the text, she replied thanking me, and added:

Thank you so much for your help! The reason why I want to print it is

because our local newspaper printed an article with the picture, and they

look like fools because they don’t know it is “unreal”. So I work at a

Television Company and we would like to show them their error.

Thanks again!!! I have bookmarked your website.

When I looked at her return address, I realized she works at the home office of the same, small company I work for! As it turns out, she had no clue I worked for them. The address on this website is a personal, not corporate address. This was just dumb Internet luck.

So, again, how weird is this?

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