Small Sites and Search Engines

This is a very small website. I get very few hits… and that’s fine, for now.

Part of the challenge of a website is growing your hits, and I try to do that. I look at logs that tell me what’s being viewed, and how people got here. There is knowledge to be gotten from those logs.

For instance, I have learned one of the best way to get traffic is to misspell words!

It’s true and here’s why. Google, which drives lots of traffic on the net, decides which page to list first by a complex formula that rates websites on (among other things) their popularity with other websites. So, who links to you is important.

For a while, the page on my site that was drawing the most referrals from search engines had to do with a show Helaine and I saw, featuring Carrot Top. In the normal scheme of things, that wouldn’t be so. But, I had spelled Carrot, “Carrott.”

So, instead of competing against all the big websites, I had a corner on the very esoteric group of misspelled Carrot Top searches.

I have since corrected that spelling, and the spelling of (where you’ll find the blogging software I use). My hits will be down, but my English teachers will be happier.

On the Internet, spelling counts.

One thought on “Small Sites and Search Engines”

  1. Hey There Geoff,

    I think that your website is pretty good. I am very amature at weatherwatching. I mostly look for information for my area, areas where my relatives live, and the Outer Banks (We vacation there a lot). I ran across your site on a Google search for hurricanes. Keep up the good work.

    David Wright,

    North Carolina

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