Almost Ready to Resume

The tedious process of putting the website together has nearly completed. I know I have lost over a week of entries (some I was able to get from cached Google pages). And, what makes it worse was it was the week I wrote about how I cured the common cold, solved the Iraq problem, pulled the tooth from a bear and slept with an Indian maiden… sorry old joke.

When the website was restored, it came back without much of the programming work I had done for things like the current temperature you see on the right and historical weather info, which is now only starting to run anew in the background and which will go live over the next few days. Also, cron jobs, programs that are set off by timers, disappeared.

Last night, the company that hosts this site offered me a month’s hosting, $10, to cover my loss. How do you respond to that?

I was enjoying writing for this site so much that this interruption and the subsequent loss of material has been very stressful to me.

Anyway, hopefully back to normal later today and beyond.

One thought on “Almost Ready to Resume”

  1. Just to let you know… your site is appreciated! As difficult as it is to do (let alone re-do), it’s an investment worth making.

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